What’s going on?

As I am writing this I’m currently in lock down in my flat in Leicester. Following advice from government and NHS to avoid getting ill from the COVID-19. I do understand a lot of people are in the same scenario as I am, whether that be; isolated alone or with a flatmate or family members, possibly working from home or now in an furloughed position at work, trying your best not to go insane in this temporary situation we all find ourselves in. I just wanted to pop on here to spill some thoughts about it all.

Firstly, I have stayed in Leicester in my flat as I feel at the beginning of this lock down period I was still trying to maintain, as much as I could, a normal day (despite not going to work or training) this meant sticking to bedtime/morning routines and keeping productive during the day, filling that with; university work, work-outs, online dance classes, self-care time, maintaining in my eyes which was a healthy lifestyle. I am still to this point trying to achieve most of that however have come to realise and gather more thoughts on this situation.

  1. You don’t have to be ‘the most productive you’ve ever been’ or ‘super busy and successfully completing all your to-do lists’. You’re allowed to chill out, use this time however you deem right and just accept and be grateful for the time we have.
  2. You also do not have to post everything you are doing or have done on social media. This is one I am very guilty of, however I am trying to be better. Just because you have had a successful day doesn’t mean everyone has to know (if you want to share it because YOU want to, then do but don’t do it to gain validation from others).
  3. There are so many things that we can be grateful for during this time. The little things that, daily, go unnoticed, such as; fresh air, freedom to come and go as we please, our health/bodies (our immune system specifically!), our ability to contact and stay connected with those we love.
  4. If you are wanting to do something with your free time, be creative, choose something you know you wouldn’t be able to do if it weren’t for this time, or something you’ve been meaning to get done, maybe just a small little odd-job or a mammoth task you’ve been putting off. Use this time.

As we do have so much free time, if there is any specific content you are wanting to see or anything you want me to chat about just let me know! I do have one little project I’m working on and will hopefully be published soon – stay up to date!

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, and remember in these times especially; Be Kind.

Love always,

Han xx

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