What to do with your Pumpkins after Halloween?

Firstly, I hope you’re all enjoying the Halloween festivities as much as you can in this uncertain and ever changing time. I hope not being able to trick or treat hasn’t put a damper on things and you’re all still embracing the spookiness as much as you can.

Now as you may have already guessed by the title of this post, after Halloween a lot of people have no idea what to do when it comes to disposing of their pumpkins. Well look no further I have complied a list below of ideas for you and your family to make a longer life of your pumpkins that served you well over the festive season of Halloween.

I went to pick my pumpkins at a place called Cattows Farm in Leicester and highly recommend it, so next year if you’re wondering where to go and are in the local area. Make sure you check them out!

person standing on brown hardwood floor surrounded by pumpkins
  1. Bake/Cook something pumpkin related…
    • Pumpkin Pie
    • Pumpkin Soup
    • Roasted Pumpkin
    • Pumpkin Puree
    • Pumpkin Muffins
    • The list can be endless if you get experimental…
  2. Make pumpkin masks; they’re full of anti-oxidants and are good for exfoliating the skin.
  3. Compost them. If you don’t have your own compost bin you can hunt out places that do or even just start your own in your garden.
  4. Create a planter. This can work for any pre-existing plants you may have or even new ones if you fancy going ‘all out’.
  5. Re-decorate them. Yes they may have faces on one side of them or even both, but use whatever you have in your house (paint, paper mache, tin foil etc) to redecorate these Halloween treats to be Christmas friendly.
orange pumpkins under white sky at daytime

I hope some of these ideas are useful for you and I wish that your pumpkins don’t just go to waste. Whatever you choose to do with them I’d love to hear about it and if it worked well for you.

Hope you all have a fabulous Halloween and are getting as excited as I am for Christmas! Be sure to have read my Cosy Autumnal Bucket List post to see what else needs ticking off before we hit the big 1st Dec!

Thanks for reading (and be sure to share this if you think it might help anyone else!)

Han xx

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