What have I been up to?

As many of you know or don’t know.. I dance, a lot. I’m currently at University studying BA Hons Dance at DMU (Leicester) but I love attending as many auditions, workshops, intensives and classes as possible. To build up my experience, knowledge and to just enjoy dancing.

I went to an “Audition/Try-out” on Sunday 31st March in Birmingham for a big event that would be happening mid-April in city centre of Birmingham. I was successful and so were a few others I knew who also auditioned, our first rehearsals were just under a week later on Friday 6th April, then we found out a lot more about the event that we were partaking in.The Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 Handover Event!

We would be dancing as part of a mass movement including 500+ people all dancing at the same time in the city centre of Birmingham but not just those people in Birmingham will see it… so do BILLIONS ALL AROUND THE WORLD (or Anyone who watches BBC 2?!)

The event happened on Sunday 15th April from 11am onward, we were live from about 12:15 onward… It was such an incredible experience! You can probably find it on BBC iPlayer or YouTube if you missed it and want to catch up.

It was such an amazing experience with long rehearsals and tiring days, but 100% all worth it in the end. The choreographer Rosie Kay and her team of dance leaders did an incredible job at teaching over 500 of us different sections of movement and slotting them in so that it could be filmed all in one take. Very impressive!!


I also did an interview about it for my university news, you can find that below:

DMU Students will be dancing in the streets for the Commonwealth Games finale.

I hope you can understand how busy I’ve been with rehearsals and classes at uni, I’ve been mega blocked up, not leaving me any time to dedicate to writing posts or just being active on my Instagram or Twitter… I hope this busy time ends soon so I hope to be writing a lot more over the summer!

Thanks for reading,

Han xx

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