Travel Bucket List (*Updated*)

I have never been one to go travelling or fly abroad very often, however recently I’ve had a wave of motivation to see more than my bedroom. I have just booked a holiday to Amsterdam at the end of May and am currently in the midst of planning what we’ll be doing when we’re there. That will be a whole different post (keep an eye out). But I couldn’t help but keep reeling of lists of places I want to visit and I’ve tried to set my self a goal of before I’m 30 I’ll have done ALL if not MOST of these places…

  • London (Aiming for minimum once a month for every month this year, going very well so far!)
  • Amsterdam (BOOKED!)
  • Brighton (Hopefully when summer kicks in or when I have a break from University and schools/colleges don’t so it won’t be too busy)
  • Edinburgh (Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!)
  • Ireland
  • Venice/Rome
  • Paris
  • Sweden (Stockholm)
  • Iceland (Reykjavik – My Mum and Stepdad have been and I was in awe at their photos they got from here, it looks such a beautiful place!)
  • New York (or just America, haven’t been since I was a young kid!)
  • Skiathos/Greece/Cyprus

This list no-doubt will continue to grow the more I tick off it but as someone who used to hate the idea of spending longer than a week out of the house/at home, I think I’ve done pretty well… Bring on Amsterdam! If you’ve got any suggestions on where to visit, or even a post? Let me know!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this short and simple *updated* travel checklist post, how many places are on your checklist? and what are they?

Han xx


  1. Nice list! I’ve never been outside of the US (never really strayed too far from the east coast, really), but I really want to travel more! I would love to visit the places on your list too, especially London, Venice, and Amsterdam. I’m really going to have to start saving money first though.

    1. Aw, yeah get saving!!x

  2. Great list! I’ve got to add some of these to my travel bucket list πŸ™‚

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