Tips, Tricks and General Advice for New Bloggers!

Recently I’ve been getting a few questions around the topic of blogging and starting up blogs. Firstly, I feel honoured that anyone would even consider asking myself as I have only been blogging for nearly 3 years now so I don’t consider myself established enough to be answering their questions. However I have learnt a lot in these few years and I would consider myself a good person to come to for advice.

I’ve compiled a list of tips, tricks and advice that I’d share with newbies or people that are just interested in the ‘life of a blogger’. I will also say though do feel free to drop me a message if you want anything specific or any help with anything and I will try my best or if I feel I can’t help you I’ll try point you in the right direction.


You need a lot of it.

You have to love it.

It can be a love/hate relationship at times but to be in it for the long haul you have to love what you do otherwise it will eat you up.

It is not a quick process.

You don’t just set up a website and have active readers overnight. It takes time and effort.

IGNORE the ‘haters’.

Or any people that judge because again, if you give them the satisfaction it will eat you up. If you love it, keep going! Most of the judging/hating comes from outside readers anyway (those not bloggers themselves) but they won’t be when they come asking you for help in a few years.

You don’t ALWAYS get sent free stuff.

And when you do, it’s normally as a form of payment for either a review or promotion on your platform. This is why I only work with brands who’s products I like.

Self-motivation has a huge impact.

The process of getting a blog post done can be gruelling work, especially if it’s one you have to research and prep for. Having the motivation to get up and do all the hard work is a key factor.

It’s not just your blog.

You might not realise it but as soon as you become a blogger, you become your own brand/business as well as a human being. Sometimes you find yourself having to market yourself and your content to businesses and companies in order to secure a collaboration.


For everything; domains, hosts, plans, SEO, advertising, policies etc – try to be as educated as you can – this will help in the long run. Jenny in Neverland offers some incredible help and insight into all of this too.

Stay true to you.

Don’t post things to follow a trend or a fad. If you don’t love the content you are producing how can you expect your viewers (who are there because of you!) to love it too? Be yourself and people will love you for it.

I really hope some of these tips, tricks and advice has helped some people out. Feel free, as I said before, to message me if you need help or want to chat about anything. My DMs are always open.

Thank you for reading!

Han xx

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips. As a new (less than a year) blogger, I’d also add that there’s a lot of trial and error involved. I’m learning so much. That’s one of the things I love about doing this.

    1. Yes fully agree! It’s like learning on the job!

  2. I’ve been blogging for about two years now – never had any free stuff or anything like that, but I wholeheartedly agree with your tips. It is hard work and you have to love it. I still feel like a total newbie!
    Thank you for sharing your tips!

    1. If I’m honest I still feel like a newbie, it’s only because I’ve had a few people ask that I thought I’d do this post but yeah fully think it’s all commitment based!

  3. This post is absolutely spot on. I think Bloggers old and new can learn a lot from this. Great post x

    1. Yay! Glad you liked it!

  4. Yeah,
    you are very true this post, now!
    Love it and ignore the haters! Very good.

  5. This is great advice! I wish I’d done my research more when I first started. Blogging definitely requires motivation and patience! x

    – charlotte /

  6. These are great tips. All super simple and to the point but so important and you really can’t get far without some of them – like passion and patience! And thank your for the cheeky little link 😉 xxx

    1. Ofc absolutely love your content ❤️❤️

  7. I agree with all these tips! It deffo has to something that you love or else you will never be able to put your all into it!

    Amber – The Unpredicted Page

  8. Holly says:

    Although I’ve been blogging for a while, I still always enjoy reading these posts. You’ve mentioned some great tips and advice in this post and I agree with it all! Thanks for sharing.

    Holly x

  9. Marissa says:

    These are really good suggestions. I’m still trying to not look at the numbers but it gets hard sometimes!

    🌿 Marissa Belle × 🌿

  10. Very encouraging and realistic post! Thanks for the tips

  11. These are some great tips for new bloggers. My tips would be focus on consistent content, engage with others and start an email list straight away with a good freebie!

  12. Thank you for this post! I’m not new to blogging but I am new to actively putting my blog out there for people to read and engage with. These are helpful. I definitely need a lot of patience and self motivation. I have a lot more to learn for sure.


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