Thoughts on Going into 3rd Year and Graduation.

Having completed my induction and having the start date of my final year of education and graduation is looming, my thoughts, feelings and emotions are heightened. I have been thinking a lot about how I’m feeling as I enter 3rd year and near on my graduation. Thought I’d express it all to you all in hopes to re-assure others that could potentially be in a similar (if not same) circumstance to myself that we’re not alone.

My 3rd year has been a long time coming, if I’d have stayed in my ‘school academic’ year I’d have graduated in 2019. If I had stayed at University I’d have graduated 2020. But this is it, in 2021 I am graduating with a BA Honours Degree.

Before I can slip into my cap and gown, I have successfully complete my 3rd year of professional dance training, it’s weird to think how fast it has come around. I remember completing my first year at University and being so eager to complete my education, looking back on that time I shouldn’t have taken my time for granted.

In General

I am feeling all the emotions from excitement, nervousness, anxiousness and fresh-eyed to see what a 3rd year after the Coronavirus pandemic looks like.

I’m nervous for the risks, rejections and uncertainty of my transition into a career from a very sheltered educational life to a dance industry that is in the process of building back up after the crucial hit from the pandemic.

Anxious for all the changes and protocols that are now in place that will shake up the way I train, complete assignments and work on a daily basis within the classrooms and studios.



Despite all the emotions I am very excited to be re-united with all my friends and course-mates, get back into a solid training routine, attend auditions and create a career within the dance industry.

If you were to ask me a year or two ago I’d have quite a good idea of where I see myself after graduation. But as we have all seen, the pandemic has shaken a lot and the amount of uncertainty floating around the world at current is still looming. It means my plans or ideas for after graduation will have to be extremely adaptable. This provides me with so much more excitement for totally new experiences and opportunities to look forward to. I’m excited to take on this new normal world by storm.

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I hope this has helped any of you that are in a similar boat or are struggling to get used to the new changes within education and academia. One of the main things getting me through it all is knowing I’m not alone in these feelings. I have friends and other course-mates going through the same.

Thank you for reading, as always,

Han xx


  1. I can understand your feelings of anxiousness about going back to uni, it must a little nervy for every student right now! I’m sure you’ll smash your third year in uni Hannah! x

    Lucy |

  2. This just popped up on my timeline and a year later I’m in the same position…feeling the exact same 😉

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