Things to do when you’re without WiFi?

As you saw in a previous post (can find here), I have been living without Wifi since we moved in to our new house over a month ago, this is a round up post of all the things I have been up to whilst not being able to use much internet. You’ll have to let me know if there is anything else I could get up to whilst STILL waiting on the company to sort our internet out…So far I’ve been…

1) Downloading podcasts & Netflix episodes when I do find wifi (going round to Grandma’s house, or when at boyfriend’s or friends houses, so you can listen & watch them offline, back at home. I’ve been listening to Marcus Butler’s Podcast ‘Lower your Expectations’ and have been loving it. I also listened to ‘At Home with…’ with Lily and Anna which I cannot wait for a second series (if there will be one).


2) Reading!!! – I am not the biggest reader however I have found myself glued to Louise Pentland’s book ‘Wilde Like Me’ and have actually now finished it, I also borrowed ‘The Book of Hygge’ from my friend Jess, I loved reading about that and finding out more information that I didn’t know about it. I have tried to make a promise to myself that I won’t leave it weeks if not months between finishing a book and starting a new one, I feel this is why I struggle to read a lot.


3) I have also spent a lot of my time getting organised, baring in mind I did move house, I still had loads of clothes to sort through, and books/notepads to tidy up and arrange. I do love having a good sort out and organising day, however I don’t need 3 weeks of it! hah!


4) With blogging all done online I’ve been struggling to keep up with my schedule of getting posts written, edited and scheduled with at least a week to spare. But I have been writing posts in phone notes ready to copy and paste into WordPress ready to edit and organise when I have wifi, I currently have about 10 drafts which I hope you will see soon.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about what I’ve been up to during this hard, hard time πŸ˜‰ I’d love to hear more recommendations of what else I can do!

Han xx


  1. Loved this post! So helpful for ideas when I don’t have internet and for when I need a social media break! xx

    1. Yeah! I’m glad it’s helpful xx

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