Things I’ll take with me after Quarantine.

As we all are aware, no one seems to know when this lock down/quarantine time will end and I think I’m becoming okay with that. I normally live such a structured life and everything has to go to plan and I’ve always got to be busy, but that isn’t the case anymore. I’ve been enjoying doing a little less and realised I don’t need to be busy 24/7 or ‘switched-on’ 100% of my time.

I’ve picked up a few hobbies and habits in which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing within this uneasy time which I have loved so much I want to continue them through to when the lock down is lifted and quarantine is over. Here’s a list of those hobbies and habits…

Reading most nights

I did used to read (not often I’ll give you that) but I genuinely can’t remember the time I was craving reading besides from now. I’ve done a blog post on my ‘To-Read List‘ in hopes to keep me never wandering for a book.

Putting aside time for my blog

I have always struggled to keep up with the blogging community and in general my blog (which is extremely sad, seeing as though it is meant to be my ‘escape’), but recently I’ve fallen back in love with everything to do with my blog and blogging in general. I have now gone self-hosted which has been an extremely big goal of mine since I started so I might even do a post on that process if anyone is interested? (It’d be a long one, warning you!)

Self care sessions

I am such a big advocate for taking time out to pamper and relax yourself, especially in times of uneasy and stressful circumstances and obviously more recently I’ve been booking them in like appointments, making sure I let myself relax. I wrote a post on everything self-care whilst in lockdown here.

Time with family and friends

Although I’m not in quarantine with my family I am still trying to stay connected to them and in the loop with what’s going on; even got my Grandma doing an online Aerobics class! I know I need to work on this as I get so heaped up in all the tasks/errands I ‘need’ to do that I miss out on hours of the day. This is something I will be putting at the forefront from now on.

All the Quizzes

Now, my flatmate and family can attest to this; I am shockingly bad at quizzes (all style/rounds), I thought I’d be okay at general knowledge as I feel I have a lot of ‘common/general’ knowledge, however I don’t think I quite won that round…. But they are fun I’ll give you that! I’ll stick to being the quiz-master.

Slowing down

As previously said I am normally on the go 100% of the time and busy 24/7 so I am used to the lifestyle of always being busy but I need to keep remembering and giving myself time off or just time to slow down because I really do have all the time in the world. I was reminded that the next time I’m going to have all this spare time to do with as I please is when I retire (yes, that made me sad!).

I hope this has made you think about the things you’ve been up to or learnt within this weird time. What have been your hobbies and habits you’ve picked up? Are they ones you wish to continue or ones you’ll leave for the quarantine memories.

As always and even more so,

Thank you for reading,

Han xx


  1. These sounds like some great ideas, think it really important that we carry on the positive things we took from this!xx

      1. Its amazing having time to read before bed and always having a book nearby!! I have got into nail art in lockdown and I’m having a lot more fun with my self care pamper sessions now I’ve been trying funky nail painting. Gorgeous post!!! Xx

  2. I’ve been doing the majority of these things too, although I haven’t taken part in any quizzes! It’s going to be strange having less time to read and work on my blog once lockdown ends, but I’m hoping to continue to find the time x

    1. As long as you set aside the time I’m sure you’ll be fine xxx

  3. Yes! I’ve done so many quizzes in lockdown and I’ve remembered how much I love them! Like you I’m not much good but they’re just so much fun!

  4. I would take slowing down with me as well! It has really beneficial to my overall mental health and my energy.

  5. Switch the quizzes to games and you’ve got everything that I want to take away from lockdown! xx


  6. I think this lockdown has really hit home things that are important to us and things that are not hasn’t it? Like you, I have been reading more and even though I am still working full-time, I have new energy for my blog. These are really good things to take away from this whole situation, definitely need to keep positive!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

    1. 100% I love that – so much new energy around and I love it xx

  7. Although I’m still working because I work in a Supermarket, while I was isolating for two weeks I rediscovered my love of book blogging. Now it’s all I do on my days off!

  8. Great post! Yes, I will be doing the same!

  9. This is such a lovely blog idea! It’s nice to see some positivity. I couldn’t agree more with keeping up with self-care more routinely once quarantine is over. I think I’ll also commit to more time spent outside! I do it daily now as it’s the only thing I can do and I’ve noticed how much it boosts my mood and motivation!

    1. Yes! I’ll definitely be spending more time outdoors!

  10. Yes I found myself delving back into reading and blog life. It’s been helpful in that instance. Given me chance to focus more for sure.

  11. There’s some lovely ideas here. I’m trying to just take more time for myself and dedicate more time to m blog on my day off. I’m definitely more grateful for the little things in life at the moment.

  12. I’m a huge advocate for self care & how we’re really able to focus more on that during this crazy time. I’ve also been loving having so much time to read and catch up on books! Hopefully when this is all over we can take these things with us and make time for them 🙂

  13. isobel says:

    Definitely more time to read, do yoga and spend time with family that’s for sure. Hope you are well lovely!

    Isobel x

  14. A great list! I definitely need to make more time for reading – I love doing it, I just never make time for it!

  15. Those are very good things! I am happy that some good things are coming out of this for you! Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Amanda says:

    Yesss! Most of these I want to take with me afterwards as well. Such a wonderful post!

  17. Kayleigh Zara says:

    Especially in my normal working life I try to make more time for self care and I’m hoping to continue to keep up time for blogging – I’m actually considering making it my full time thing x

    1. Omg yes! do it! I love your content and think you’d do so well as full time!

  18. This is a lovely post! I think there is so much to have learnt from this lockdown. Things I want to take away is that ALL jobs are important and that even supermarket workers should be appreciated, that time to yourself is important and to NEVER say no to plans again because there are so many opportunities you will miss by saying no! This is a fab post 🙂

    Em x

  19. Absolutely love these! Especially self-care and slowing down. I’m so guilty of never giving myself a break and I’ve started to learn how to chill out a bit more!

    1. For sure!

  20. I was actually going to write a blog post similar to thing because some of the habits and routines that I’ve created for myself in quarantine are activities that I want to continue doing after the lockdown has been lifted. I love that I have been reading more, working out most days and cooking more meals.

  21. I’ve loved the slower pace of life during lockdown and having more time to work on my blog. I’d love for these things to continue in some way when life starts to return to normal.

    Lauren |

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