Things I Learnt at Freshers Week!

So when this post goes live I’ll have been at university a total of 13 days, of which non have been unlucky and only 4 of them I’ve had lessons. I have been having so much fun and getting to know a lot of new people (not as scary as I thought it would be) on my course and in my accommodation. I have been comparing what I thought about uni before and now that I’m here and thought I’d write a post about what I’ve learnt so far. This post has gone up today (on a Thursday) despite me saying I’ll be cutting the post schedule down to once a week, just because I thought as well as my usual posts you’ll be seeing, such as Looking after your skin? and a similar post due to come on Monday, it would be nice for you to catch up on what I’m currently doing in life. So without further ado…(Note: I only started my classes on Monday so I am still in my first week of lessons however moved in nearly 2 weeks ago)

  1. Time – This includes time management but mainly how fast your time goes, during the first week there are so many events on and things to do such as; induction, freshers nights, enrolment, moving in that makes your time fly. Now whether that be a good or bad thing for you is your personal preference but I thought it was quite good as it took my mind off being homesick and all the new things I was having to learn VERY quickly (e.g how to meal plan for a shop).img_2998
  2. Plan/Write Lists – You are now on your own, well not entirely, but for your shopping you no longer have your parents to choose dinner and snacks to stock the cupboards up with, it’s all down to you. So write lists, plan your meals which then mean you have a list of ingredients to buy. There will always be something you miss or forget to get and you’ll have to pop into a shop on your way home from class or the library to grab it.
  3. Loneliness – Now, again you are on your own, there isn’t the background noise of your siblings playing or the TV that’s on in the lounge that your parents are watching, the noise you get now is the drunk freshers coming in from a long night out or the busy city traffic that’s right on your doorstep. You will feel homesick at some point but just remember that you (probably) are not on the other side of the world, your hometown, family and friends are (again, probably) only 1 or 2 train rides away.img_2999
  4. Moving to a new area – This is a daunting and exciting experience all at the same time, learning things about the area you’ve moved to was what I was most excited for. The nearest shopping centre, the nearest corner shop, the nearest doctors/hospital, the cheapest taxi company etc. Discovering those hidden gems in a big city really makes you feel like you’ve found your place.img_3012
  5. Get involved! – Throw yourself in at the deep end! Facebook groups for your course and accommodation could really help and they did for me! I met such an amazing and friendly group of dancers through those chats that I feel like I’m part of such a good friendship group with incredible memories waiting for us to make.

So, my first week and a bit at university hasn’t been too shabby. I have settled in quite well, enjoying the fresh start and exciting things I’m learning and I can’t wait for the next 3 years to fully begin and the memories become life-long lasting.img_3036

Thanks for reading! Are you just starting uni? Have you been? Got any tips?

Han xx


  1. I’m a third year university student, university will be the best time of your life! Have as much fun as you possibly can and involve yourself in lots of new things 😊 X

    1. Yeah it has been so far! Love it! Thank you x

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