The Post-Grad Life.

Congratulations, you’ve graduated. Whether you got a 1st, 2nd or 3rd, whether you had a graduation at all or if it’d been cancelled/postponed due to *you know what*, whether it took you 3 years, 5 years or 7 years, you did it! You are a Graduate! How’s it feel?

The day I finished my studies (my final day before graduation) in all honestly was a bit of deflation feeling, there was all this hype about it being the last day and yet I didn’t feel the buzz, the sadness or the excitement for graduation. Now this might be different for others (especially those who didn’t have to compete with covid-19 for their graduation), but I feel after 20+ years of being in education; your graduation is built up so much to be this incredible time of your life where you are transitioning out of education into the ‘big real world’ of employment. This isn’t me saying I didn’t enjoy graduation or see the point in doing the ceremony etc because I still loved celebrating the amazing accomplishments with my fellow students and friends I’d made over the years. But no one prepares you for the ‘post-grad life’ you’re being projected into straight from university.

After 20 (ish) years of being told what you’re studying, where to be for your class and even what to bring, you’re expected to be able to land on your feet in the world where no one does that for you anymore. And my god it’s terrifying. Well I didn’t want this post to be about complaining about ‘post-grad’ life and it’s stereotype of being amazing because you’re finally ‘free’ from education (that is if you choose not to do a masters) so I’ve got a few tips that helped me to help cope with it all (just about aha).

Tips to cope with post-grad life:

  • You might not go straight into a job from graduation & that’s okay
  • You might not stay in same industry that you studied for & that’s okay
  • You need to give yourself time to adapt to a different lifestyle that isn’t studying
  • You might want to surround yourself with family and friends for support and a sense of normality
  • Try not to go full out and book up all your free time to feel full again
  • Talk to other graduates about life and their experiences too (chances are they feel the same!)
  • Ask your uni/union for support going forwards
  • Set yourself some goals/aims to strive towards (whether that be career, life, relationships, nutrition, fitness etc – something to focus on)
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself (you’ve just finished 20 years of education!!!)

Also, if anyone has recently graduated; you best be extra proud of yourself for doing it in the middle of A BLOODY WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC. No one could have predicted or prepared you for that so huge congrats!


If you know someone who has recently graduated or even are still in that first year ‘post-grad’ please reach out to them, it’s a weird, confusing, difficult time in which you don’t really know what’s going on half the time. And to all my graduates reading this! Be F*cking Proud!

As always,

Thanks for reading,

Han BA (Hons) πŸ˜‰


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  1. Congratulations! Graduating is a big deal, and you did it while the whole world was in panic. Best of luck with you future plans πŸ™‚

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