The Countdown is on…

It’s officially my last month of education… I graduate at the end of June and move out of my final student accommodation. This shit is getting real.

For those that have been to university or full time higher education will know the weird, uneasy and strange feeling you get when the graduation date gets closer and closer. I have been in education since I can remember, I’ve been given timetables and told where to be and where to go for the majority of my life and in a matter of weeks, all that will change. I wanted to write this blog post mainly to document how I am feeling in this weird transitional period, but also to give some advice to those who are in it with me (And I guess remind myself of that advice too).

Firstly, I’m very aware that majority of university students will have already finished by the time this post is published because most of you will have finished in May, however my dance school doesn’t finish until end of June. However the advice still stands.

  1. Don’t put pressure on yourself. There will be a lot of people asking ‘what’s next’, ‘so what’s the plan’ and it is okay if you don’t have a plan. Give yourself permission to just enjoy the journey, you don’t have to have your life planned out.
  2. Set meet-up dates with your uni friends. This might be scary; the fact your friends might not be in the next room or a few streets away anymore, so make sure to put some dates in the diary for the upcoming months to regroup (whether that be in person and go visit each other’s hometowns, or over facetime!).
  3. Try not to stress over money. A lot of stress is placed upon your finances as you graduate as you’re almost expected to be financially stable straight away. Most banks give graduates a year with a 0% overdraft to help you out of any debt or struggles you were having, USE IT, it’s the only chance you’ll get to use an overdraft and not get charged for it.
  4. Just because you got a degree in a certain topic doesn’t necessarily mean your first job should be in that area. I am qualifying with a BA (Hons) in Dance Performance, with a goal to become a professional dancer (that takes time!) and I shall also be working as a Personal Trainer, make sense?
  5. It’s okay to not know what you are doing or want to do. You may feel lost in the first few months to year of being out of full time education, how are you supposed to know when so much has been done/given to you for the majority of your life. Give yourself time.

Itโ€™s no where near as daunting as it seems, set yourself small attainable goals (be it personal or career goals) and make time for them. The progress will happen!

Allix, 2020 Graduate.

I hope these little tips and comments are reassuring, I do have to keep reminding myself of them also as I am such a overthinker and obsessed with organisation so not knowing what to do next is scary.

Please also remember it’s an exciting time as much as it might feel daunting, it’s your turn to take control of your life and take it in the direction you want to. Those things you don’t want to do anymore, you don’t have to. Those things you’ve been putting off until after you graduate, YOU CAN DO THEM!

Look forward to graduation with excitement but allow yourself to feel ALL the emotions!

Happy Graduation, Congratulations and Good Luck!

Thanks for reading,

Han xx

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