Taking Care in Lock Down

Now I have previously done posts on ‘Self-Care’ before and My Self-Care Checklist… However now we are in Lock down/Quarantine, I feel self care is at it’s most important and thought I’d share a collection of things that I do or know of to have a self care session.

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Whether you’re having a full on pamper night or just want one thing to calm you; here’s my list I’ve compiled:

Light some candles

The ambient feeling, scent and look of a candle makes me a lot calmer.

Go for some fresh air

A walk to your local shop or park. (I know this is hard in the current situation, so maybe just make sure you have some windows open, a draft of fresh air really can change your mood.)


Try NOT to go on your phone for 1 hour at beginning and end of day, it does make a huge difference!

Pamper yourself

Put on a face mask, no matter what kind or whether it’s homemade – this is my favourite to do. Also paint your nails, a fresh set of nails works wonders, especially at the moment when you can’t just pop to your salon to get them done.

Wash your hair and do full skincare routine.

Now yes this might sound silly to some, but in times like these we can become really lazy and complacent, I know I’ve put off washing my hair a few times already but being fully freshened up makes a huge change.

hugs and kisses

Read a book.

I’ve recently got back into reading and loving it, I set myself a time frame in which I want to complete it (a challenge) which therefore makes me read it and I’ve found to enjoy it a lot more than what I used to so it must just be one of those things. But when you’re doing this; ensure all your tech is off or out of view and on silent (yes including your phone!)


If reading isn’t your thing maybe try listen to a podcast, they’re booming at the moment and with so much choice it’s hard to avoid them. Make sure you’re not doing anything else at the time so you can fully invest in the listening.

Watch some YouTube

I know I’m very guilty of getting into those loopholes where you start watching someone’s vlog and before you know it you’re learning how to redesign your house. I find watching YouTube videos really relaxing and almost a more chilled out version of TV (Don’t ask, haha).

Watch a film

This is a simple and easy one but again; phone down! Can get a FREE 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime Video here, there are plenty of binge-worthy series and films on there.

Get an early night

If you’re needing a self-care night it could be because you’re tired or stressed so try to get a lot of sleep to help your body.

I hope this list helped someone and I hope everyone is staying healthy during this time. If anyone has any more tips on self-care throughout this period do make sure you DM me or drop it in the comments as I’d love to share it on!

Thanks for reading,

Sending my love,

As always,

Han xx


  1. Completely agree with unplugging from your phone, since lockdown has begun I’ve avoided the news and any negative news articles, that’s really helped me along with candles, long baths and eating better.

    1. 100% agree!

  2. I love doing a full skincare pamper session. It really makes me feel better. I’ve also been reading, which takes my mind off things. Thanks for sharing x

  3. I’ve been getting back into reading during lockdown as well so I’m really grateful for that!!

    Roni ♡

    1. What have you been reading?

  4. These are great ideas. I’ve just got into Podcasts during this lockdown. I have definitely also go more in to trying to improve my skincare routine. Great post 🙂

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