‘Loving You’: Write a letter to your 40-year-old self.

Week Ten: ‘Write a letter to your 40-year-old self.’

Dear Hannah Kay,

As I am writing this you’re currently 21 years old, living in Leicester and getting ready to go back home (Leeds) for Christmas! You’ve been embracing some alone time during the lead up to a very busy few weeks and are insanely excited to go home and see all the family! Continue reading “‘Loving You’: Write a letter to your 40-year-old self.”

My Self-Care Checklist…

So… back in my post all about ‘Positivity and Happiness‘ I said at the end that I’d be following that up with a post on my self-care and how I look after myself. Well I recently came up with a checklist I keep in my positivity book so I thought I’d share it with you. Obviously these are all personal things to me that I do when needing a refresh and re-boost and these aren’t 100% certain to make you feel better but even just give them a go and see..

Continue reading “My Self-Care Checklist…”

My goals for the next chapter…

I originally planned this post as a 10 goals for the next 10 years but I thought to myself I don’t want to limit or strive for the amount of goals I set myself and don’t want a time frame either in which I HAVE to complete them in. However, I know that they will be a work in progress and it’ll take more than just a post about them to reach my goals, but here’s a start. Continue reading “My goals for the next chapter…”