Halloween Heroine Lookbook: Film Fashion For Autumn

About the Author:

Bianca Monro is a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blogger from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She likes getting caught in the rain, but doesn’t like piña coladas as much as she thought she would. When she’s not blogging, she can be found reading the classics, spending time with her fiancé and son, or listening to 2 Chainz on repeat.

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Christmas has started…

Yes, it is the fourth of December and not the first, however I wanted to stick to my one post a week routine whilst I have a few deadlines during this month and with all the hectic festivities to come I thought I’d give myself the past weekend to get organised.

So, Christmas is here (not technically, but the season is well under way) and in this post I’m going to discuss how I get feeling festive during the lead up to Christmas, I also want to know what all your traditions are over this season and any recommendations on things I should do, make, go to etc…

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