2020 Summed Up โ€“ Part 3

So yes, it has been a while and these months actually feel more than just 2 months (as I’m writing this) ago. I fell a bit behind on tracking my 2020 summed up posts, but nevertheless, it’s here. I will admit it’s not the most interesting as you will see however it is still part of the whirlwind of 2020 we have found ourselves in.

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2017 Round-up

*Pre-warning: Long post… but hopefully worth your time*

There’s no lying that for me 2017 was the biggest roller-coaster year I’ve had, I lost track of how many highs and lows I had after about June. However despite the lows that came with 2017 I wanted to reflect on them, learn from them and move on. My highs were the happy moments that got me through the lows and these also deserve to be mentioned. Here’s a mini timeline list of my roller-coaster year of 2017… Continue reading “2017 Round-up”