Summer Life Update

So I asked on twitter a few weeks back what I should do with my blog as I feel like I will not be able to maintain posting regularly due to going to dance school, which I described as dancing the same amount of hours as a full time job, therefore my spare time would consist of working a part time job to pay for…well everything and life. And also sleeping, because you know – dancing everyday, all day is going to be shattering.

I decided to create a series I’ll trial for a few months where at the end of each month I’ll do a “Life Update” style blog, explain what I’ve been up to, how I’ve been feeling, what I plan to do next month and just little bits like that. So this is the first. I know ‘summer’ isn’t a month but I thought I’d start it off by giving you and overall view of what I got up to in my months off during summer.

alton towers

I broke up from university back in early May, so I knew I had a long summer ahead, I started it off with a trip to Alton Towers with my friends. Due to some delays and also getting stuck on a ride for nearly an hour that day, we were lucky enough to get given a bunch of fast track tickets to be able to queue jump and also got to go back another day for FREE! So we went again a few days later, haha.

May was also the month of my dance school audition which I spent ages training and preparing for to ensure I did my absolute best on the day. It all worked out and I’ve just started my training here at Addict Dance Academy!

gym with marty

About a week later I headed off to Amsterdam, you can see some of my Amsterdam posts I wrote a few weeks ago here;

My Amsterdam Food Diary

We’re going to Amsterdam!


On to June; I spent more time at home in June and less on the road (for work), this meant I got to catch up with a few of my friends from back up north. I took a couple of trips to the cinema this month to see Deadpool 2 and Jurassic World, both of which I highly recommend if you haven’t seen them.

It was also my Sister’s 18th birthday and so we had a family BBQ in our back garden to celebrate and then headed out into town to continue those celebrations. Next was my brother’s leavers prom, yes I know “busy month”, no it’s just a busy life, haha. So we went to see him off to his prom, all suited and booted.

July came around and so did another birthday! My Brothers 16th. I also moved my stuff from flat to house (in Leicester) which was “fun”, a lot of heavy carrying and thankfully only a drive around a few corners so not a long task.

stay sassy

Another celebratory event happened in July; Stay Sassy’s 1 year anniversary. It’s an event I attend ran by the incredibly inspiring Steph Elswood, this was such a highlight of my summer because I always get the most lovely and inspiring feeling when attending and leaving these events.

I, again, visited the cinema a couple of times, this time to watch The Incredibles 2 and Mamma Mia! Here we go again… both, again I highly recommend. Something extra exciting that I went to watch was X Factor being Filmed in London! Can’t wait to see it on TV soon!

Another big thing (I class as a big thing) that happened was I bought a new phone! Partially because I had to, due to Apple letting me down time after time, so I took the leap and swapped to android! I’m a very proud owner of a One Plus 6!

My last full month of summer arrived, very quickly I may add. August brought a lot of happy days I know will turn to cherished memories, the first couple were my trip to Newcastle with my boyfriend, we went just for a few nights away as it was our 6 months together (which I felt had flown by!). If you want to see where we went when we were there, let me know and I’ll write up a blog post about our trip. P.s it was also Newcastle Restaurant week!

We also went to a football game when we got back from Newcastle… my boyfriend Sam supports Manchester United so we managed to get (with a huge thanks to my best friend Alfie) super good seats at the Man U Vs Leicester City game.

manchester game

After my busy summer of being all over, I finally got a bit of time to chill at home with family and friends, I did manage to squeeze in a dance photo and video shoot in this time, but also had a fun drink and catch up night with a few of my friends from back at college, it was so lovely to see them all again and I hope to do it again soon! To end my busy summer and before I headed back to my boyfriends for a week of pure chill before I started at Addict Dance Academy (LOVING IT!), my housing estate put on a family day for us all to enjoy the weather and get to know more people on the estate with it being a new build.

So, after that mammoth catch up of what I’ve been doing over summer, that is all! I’ll be doing monthly catch ups which obviously won’t be as big as this post but hopefully still as busy and interesting!

As always,

Thanks for reading!

Han xx

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