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This was one of the best days of my life. I walked into a dance studio feeling shy, low self-esteem and nervous for the day ahead. I walked out of that same studio feeling sassy, powerful and ready to take on the entire world. All thanks to Steph Elswood and her amazing team (including her stunning mum, Sue! And her talented best friend Lottie!)I know this post should probably have been posted a while back (preferably closer to the time of the event) but I have been mega busy recently so haven’t been working on any posts or blogging related content, despite having a lot to write about! So without further ado…

Steph Elswood (@StephElswood on Instagram) set up a foundation in honour of her amazing Nan called ‘Stay Sassy’ as this is something her Nan always said in place of ‘I love you’ because she felt as a society we are over using those three words (and I completely agree!).

Steph organises events called ‘Stay Sassy‘ in which you buy a ticket (which the money goes towards the ‘Stay Sassy Foundation‘ and the 3 hour event includes;

  • How to Strut in Heels
  • Dance Masterclass
  • Self-love and body confidence talks
  • Post workout treats
  • Refreshments
  • Added to a private ‘Stay Sassy Sisters’ Facebook group

I promise you, this is not an event to be missed!

I walked into the studios being very nervous and self conscious and practically terrified for this event, on the way there I was trying to overpower my anxiety kicking in by forcing myself to be excited as it was going to be a good day (I kept telling myself!). And I tell you this now, I have never ever in my 17 years of dancing and attending events ever walked out of an event like that feeling so INSPIRED, EMPOWERED, SASSY, CONFIDENT and in general READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD!

My confidence grew throughout the event and my favourite part wasn’t in fact the dancing (as many would think, with me being a dancer) but the part before we performed the routine for the last time as an entire army of sassy sisters. Steph made us all stand in a giant circle (there were a lot of us) and just listen, listen to the lyrics of the song we had danced to, all with our eyes shut. This is me (The Greatest Showman). This song is an anthem for everyone, anyone and you. This song would struggle not to touch everyone’s heart out there. Every time we felt like we could relate or felt in tune with those lyrics, we’d raise our hands, now I can tell you that I rose my arm a trillion times throughout that song and I assume most other women did too, but at this one point before the last chorus of the song, Steph told us to open our eyes. EVERY SINGLE WOMAN IN THAT ROOM HAD THEIR HAND UP, We were one big sassy empowered army. The Stay Sassy Sisters. A group I have never been prouder to be a part of.

Now, I’ll link Steph’s links below as well as her shop to buy the Stay Sassy merchandise, but I’ll also link a video, now this video is one I would have probably never shared before now if it weren’t for this event.

Steph’s Instagram

Steph’s Twitter

Stay Sassy Merch:


Thanks for reading!

Han xx


  1. Emily May says:

    Such a lovely post! Amazing to see what you got out of it and that it really helped you! What a great song xx

    Emily |

    1. Yeah! I loved every second of it!

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