September Life Update

So for those of you that read my last “Life update post” do not worry, this one is not as long, haha. September brought a lot of stress, but also a lot of new and fresh starts, my ‘Life Update’ posts will hopefully be once a month, however if the month hasn’t been the busiest or I feel there’s not a lot to document I might just add it in to the next month’s (double it up).

So at the end of August/beginning of September I moved into my new student house for my 2nd year of living away from home, this was my first time living in and renting a house (I lived in a student accommodation flat last year). It is so different and so much more stressful, basically in Student Accommodation you get everything fed to you on a silver spoon, when you turn into a student tenant, you (most of the time) have to sort out bills and deal with estate agents yourself. This has proven to be the most stressful task I have ever undertaken. Having several emails/phone calls and numerous stress nose bleeds we seem to be finally getting somewhere with the disaster of a house we were given.

But me trying to be positive about this whole situation is at which I turn to my room; I have the top room in my house which looks to be a attic conversion, it’s a giant room which gave me so much space to play around with and sort out getting more furniture in (aside from the little bits the landlord provided us with) and just generally decorating my room (the most exciting bit about moving). I have finally got it to how I want it to look, still a few minor bits to play around with and sort out but I reckon by my October Life Update it’ll be done!


I also started at Addict Dance Academy on the 1st September which was what I was most excited for throughout the whole of summer. I was starting a HND course with my best friend Martyna (pictured above with our new friend Kevin from Addict) so it was like starting a new journey with new people and new exciting experiences ahead. This fresh start was the boost I needed to recreate myself and focus more of what I want out of life, I realised no matter how many opinions you hear the only one that matters is your own. I was ready to take on the new – more intense – dance course, and push myself to be the best I can be.

I also started new job at Timberland in my local shopping centre. This again I started at the beginning of September.


So September brought new beginnings, a lot of change but a lot of exciting experiences to come, I’ll be keeping you updated on my training at Addict, my house dramas and many other things that happen in my life. I mean that is the point in a ‘Life Update Post’, make sure you didn’t miss out on my busy Summer Life Update post.

And again, thanks for reading,

Han xx

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