My Self-Care Checklist…

So… back in my post all about ‘Positivity and Happiness‘ I said at the end that I’d be following that up with a post on my self-care and how I look after myself. Well I recently came up with a checklist I keep in my positivity book so I thought I’d share it with you. Obviously these are all personal things to me that I do when needing a refresh and re-boost and these aren’t 100% certain to make you feel better but even just give them a go and see..

  • Get a warm drink with NO caffeine!

Caffeine for me spikes my anxiety and doesn’t always make me feel most relaxed, I prefer to have a really chocolatey hot chocolate and get all cosy with marshmallows and cream to top it all off. This just makes me feel warm, cosy and have all the feels of hygge.


  • Freshen up.

This especially makes me feel refreshed, having a shower, doing my hair and make-up and getting dressed makes me feel ready for the day. No matter how hard it is to get up and do all those things, I know that after it I’ll feel so much better and be ready to take on any challenges or tasks I have to do that day.


  • Grab a book to read.

I always looooove to snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket and just dive right into a good book, it takes me away from any stress or anxiety I am having that day, I feel like I’m in a different world. At the moment I’m reading ‘Happy’ by Fearne Cotton and loving it, it’s a good book to read if you love everything ‘self-care, health and mindfulness’.


  • Turn off all technology (yes, ALL).

Especially if you’re doing this at night, the blue light your screens emit keep you awake and keep your brain active, to be able to relax you’ll need to discard any of that. I try to allow myself at least 10-30 minutes before I want to go to sleep with no technology so I can try get a decent night’s sleep.

  • Drink lots of water!

Water, it’s simple and free to most; it increases energy & relieves fatigue, flushes out toxins, improves skin complexion, just to name a few benefits… If you’re feeling particularly down on a day, it’s more than likely due to dehydration, drinking the recommended 1-2 litres per day (6-8 glasses) you’re sure to feel even the slightest bit better.


  • Have a big balanced meal.

Eating correctly is a huge part of self-care and being healthy. Not eating junk food (e.g. chocolate, crisps, biscuits) as often, keeping a balance of healthy and not so healthy is key to keeping your mind and body in a good state.

  • Exercise: gym, jog, dance, walk?

You don’t have to do a lot of exercise, just get out the house/flat.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, I’d love to hear about your self-care checklists

Thank’s for reading,

Han xx

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