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Small Business Shout-out #5

On to our 5th Small Business Shout-out now! I won a giveaway back in 2020 that included products from this business and I have been in love ever since. Without further ado…

  • Introduce yourself and your business.

My name is Amy, I’m 25 and based in Leeds and I run the polymer clay earring business, Dare To Clay. I started this venture as a little fun hobby to keep myself busy during the first lockdown back in March 2020 but as I started showing my friends the earrings I was creating, so many of them suggested I start selling them. It was never my intention but the fact that people seemed to like them gave me a little boost and so I decided to start selling the earrings purely through Instagram. I then opened my Etsy store in the summer of 2020 and Dare To Clay has taken off ever since! January 2021 has actually been my busiest month so far which has made for an exciting start to the year.

  • What do you sell and at what price point?

I sell handmade earrings crafted from polymer clay. I also use a lot of silver charms to add interest to my collections and make them stand out a little bit more. I also experiment with silver and gold leaf and some of my collections featuring this have been my best-sellers so far! My earrings start at £4.50 and my most expensive pair is £9.50. I also run regular sales with offers from 10% off to 25% off, depending on the occasion! I also have a couple of collections that include a bundle offer. For example, one pair of studs is £4.50 or you can get two pairs for £7.50.

  • What’s your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest achievement since starting Dare To Clay has been receiving so many lovely 5 star reviews on Etsy. I get amazing feedback on my store and my customer service and it honestly lights my heart up when I receive a positive review! It’s such a lovely feeling to know that people enjoy something you put your heart and soul into. I think also, the moment I hit 200 orders on Etsy within just 6 months of opening the store is a huge accomplishment and I’m ever so proud of myself and my little shop for doing so well! I also made enough money from Etsy in 2020 to clear my overdraft that I’ve had since graduating uni in 2017! This was such an amazing feeling and another reason why you should support small businesses as your orders go towards things like that. Knowing that I’ve managed to close that overdraft because of this extra bit of income has done wonders for my mental health and I for once feel in control of my finances which is just an incredible feeling!

  • What’s your aim/goal with your business?

To be completely honest, I am so happy with how things are going at the moment. It’s such a nice little project to keep me busy during these times and I feel like I have a purpose! But I was to set certain goals, I would have to say it would be amazing to reach 1,000 followers on my Instagram. I try to run giveaways and stay active on there to grow my following but that would definitely feel like a milestone! I would also love to hit 500 sales on Etsy, that would feel like such a great achievement for me and my little biz! I just want to keep creating new designs and keeping old and new customers engaged with Dare To Clay and the earrings I produce!

  • How can people find you and buy from you?

I’m on Instagram @daretoclay and I also have a Facebook page. And then my Etsy store which is the easiest place to place orders as I can update you once your order has been dispatched. I always update any sales and offers I have on there too. I also offer 10% to anyone who places an order, they will receive a code on a little business card with their order which can then be activated at the checkout on Etsy. I also pack my orders up with a little bag of sweets or a chocolate treat so I personally think my earrings make the perfect gift!

CCC_ATDC01_Dare to Clay Logo_1100x1100px.JPG

Thank you so much to all the small businesses so far that have been featured in this series! It’s been amazing being able to give them a little extra boost in the spotlight, they all deserve it so please if you haven’t already go and support them!

Thanks for reading,

Han xx


  1. Absolutely love to read posts about small businesses! I just had a look through the Etsy shop and might gift myself a small present, because yes! Thank you so much for sharing x

  2. I love the sound of this small business, I’m loving this series of yours so far! x

    Lucy |

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