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Small Business Shout-out #4

Back again with the small business shout-outs, now this next one is actually a close family friend, who I have bought from in the past and would highly recommend, I shall post a picture at the bottom of this post what I purchased.

  • Introduce yourself and your business.

My name is Alyssa, I’m a 19-year-old beauty therapist from Leeds. I started my business this summer when I couldn’t work because of the global pandemic. My business is called ‘A Graceful Gifts’ and I make handmade personalised gifts.

  • What do you sell and at what price point?

I sell a range of products from keyrings, to personalised gin glasses. My prices vary from £3 to £15. My most popular products are my personalised glasses, they’re £10 each and you can choose from gin, pint or wine glasses. My lowest cost item is personalised hand sanitiser bottles, they great for kids to take to school. You can choose the colour of the font and a picture next to it. My highest cost product is personalised Christmas Eve boxes, you can put kids names or a family name.

  • What’s your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest achievement would be getting over 100 orders in November and December. I wasn’t able to work as a beautician in November so I worked really hard coming up with new products and advertising lots and it was so worth it. It is such a wonderful feeling every time you get an order.

  • What’s your aim/goal with your business?

My aim for 2021 is to get over 100 sales on my Etsy page. 1000 followers on Facebook and Instagram and maybe have my own website. This year I want to focus on personalised t-shirts and clothes. I hope to go into make uniforms for beauty therapist like myself.

  • How can people find you and buy from you?

You can find and contact me on Facebook and Instagram @a_graceful_gifts and my Etsy shop is AGRACEFULGIFTS.

These are what I bought back in Summer 2020, I love these!

Be sure to go over and support Alyssa, remember every follow, like, share and save help all these small businesses. Thank you for reading and look out for the next one!

Han xx

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  1. I love the sound of Graceful Gifts, what a lovely small business! x

    Lucy |

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