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Small Business Shout-out #1

Here we are! First shout-out for small businesses is here… _MadeByCC, these questions were answered back in December when I invited Chelsea into the series, I attend Dance training with her and also bought a Christmas hamper from her as a present for my Grandma. Please get reading all about her and her business!

  • Introduce yourself and your business.

My name is Chelsea and I’m a dance student from Addict Dance Academy, I have always loved the thought and idea of having my own business and finally decided to make something I would be proud to sell. I launched my business on 2nd August at the end of the first lockdown.

  • What do you sell and at what price point?

As I am still currently quite a new business, I currently sell soy vegan wax melts in a variety of different scents, these have a starting price of £2.20 for 4, however I do different boxes with different deals and option available. I also offer Christmas hampers (during the Christmas period) for local collection and local delivery only to Rowley Regis and Leicester area. I do 2 hampers available costing £10 and £17. I can make up different priced hampers up as requested.

I also offer personalised hand sanitiser bottles (£3 each or 2 for £5) and Zoflora Mrs Hinch style bottles (£5 each or 2 for £8). Other personalise items can be requested such as water bottles etc.

  • What’s your biggest achievement so far?

My biggest achievement so far within my business is generating over 1000 followers on Instagram in only 4 months.

  • What’s your aim/goal with your business?

My ultimate goal for my business is to always enjoy what I make and be proud of the product and service I provide for people, in the future I would love to create and personalise my own clothing and set up an established clothing brand alongside my wax melts.

  • How can people find you and buy from you?

My business can be found on social media platform such as Instagram and Facebook. Links below.

Instagram: @__madebycc

Facebook: Group and Page

All our products are handmade and make the perfect gift or a simple treat to yourself. If you have any requests we will try our best to cater for you.

And that’s it! That’s Chelsea and _MadeByCC! I hope you all head over and show her some love on her socials and take a look at some of the amazing products she offers! I cannot recommend it enough, such an amazing girl!

As always, Thanks for reading and hope you look forward to more of these Small Business Shout-outs!

Han xx


  1. I love the look of these wax melts! They are so cute and I love that they are vegan x

    Lucy |

  2. Wax melts are my favourite! I have so many different ones. I put them away in various places and get a nice surprise every time I open a cupboard or draw!

    I love this post, I think it is so important to support small businesses right now x

  3. Loved the first post in this series! I’ve recently been sent a wax melt burner so I can finally start purchasing wax melts again! So this has come at a great time and so glad they’re Vegan too! x

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