Re-Decorate: Spring Home Spruce Up.

Now that we’re in the height of spring, regardless that some days it doesn’t feel like it – Typical English Weather! I feel like something else I’ve seen everyone doing in lockdown is having a bit of a spring clean or a re-decorate of somewhere, are you in your home?

Print (*Gifted) by PhotoWall Sweden

#Ad – Some of the items in this blog post are *gifted – for more information please click here.

As I live in a ‘student’ flat, most people who do will know, you can’t really re-decorate to your hearts content or make it feel much of a home. Granted if you ask nicely and if you’re making the place nicer, your landlord/estate agents might allow you to. So I’ve been tossing and turning with ideas of ways to spruce up my space a little bit and I’ll be showing you a few ideas.

Prints (*Gifted) by Lena’s Notebooks

Start off with some new scents.

Most of the time when I say to grab some candles it’s more for the purpose of a self-care night or when you’re getting cosy for bed or a lot of the time I use them in Winter on dark nights to make it feel like home. However, buying some candles that enhance the season you’re in really help you to feel refreshed again. (Also, if you’re not allowed Candles; Aroma Diffusers or Reed Diffusers work just as well).

Bring some of the outside in.

I don’t mean literally go outside and grab some grass and dump it in your living room. I’m meaning more along the lines of indoor house plants or grow your own, I’ve been a parent of two cacti’s over the past 3 years which I shift around my flat every so often to give them a new home.

Grab some new artwork to put up.

I have been lucky enough to be *gifted (#ad) this beautiful print from Photowall Sweden, it’s called the Rosa print which comes in a Wallpaper, Canvas print, Poster or a Framed print. I got it as a Poster and in the size 24×31 inch with the Smoked Ash hanger. This piece can be a featured print in your space or you can decorate around it with smaller prints. I absolutely love how this ties in with my pre-existing theme of pastel florals. Photowall has been very generous and gave me a code (hannahkersley25) for you all to use which will get you 25% off any product on their site for a month!

Lenas notebook also sent me a few of her prints (#ad – *gifted) to decorate around with. These absolutely adorable, perfect size to have around a desk or put in a frame and stand on display. She can be found at: or over on Twitter at @lenasnotebook.

Add in your Cosy Comforts.

I’m a huge fan of having cosy nights in, in general just making your bedroom and living spaces as cosy as possible, then I feel they are more ‘homely’. Add in your blankets, pillows, cushions, throws and teddies. It really does make a difference.

Prints (*Gifted) by Lena’s Notebooks

Change up the Colourway or Theme.

This can be quite a big task if you already have one but potentially paint a feature wall, grab some wallpaper, or create a mural. Having a staple feature colour can make it easier to tie in all the decorational items; such as the bedding, furniture or small things such as a pillow.

Re-decorating doesn’t have to be super expensive either, get in the sales and the discount stores or try charity shops!

Thanks for reading as always,

Don’t forget to check out for some incredible pieces that can make your dream room. Don’t forget if you do want to purchase anything from their website to use the code (hannahkersley25).

Also pay Lena a visit over on her site and check out more of the incredible work she does!

Han xx


  1. Kayleigh Zara says:

    The photo wall print is stunning, I really love the look of it! Flower prints just fit every room perfectly – thanks for sharing x

    1. Thank you! I love it!

  2. Such great advice and I love that flower art print!

    1. Thank you!

  3. Great ideas for refreshing a space! Much needed distraction during these times! Thanks.

    1. Yes! It’s been my favourite little task!

  4. This flower art is beautiful! I definitely want something like that in my room. Do you change of your room seasonally or is this the first time?

  5. This was a really helpful post I have lots of new ideas on how to redecorate my house!

      1. Some good tips here! I tend to change things on my shelves every month or so, or even my bed sheet colour scheme to make my room have a different feel

  6. Those prints are gorgeous! I recently redecorated my room too because of lockdown!

  7. I am in love with the Rosa print! It is so pretty. Light up your room for sure πŸ˜€ Beautiful!

  8. Wow I love the rose, once I bought a picture of
    orchidea just because I loved it so much. I love how it’s
    framed, I cannot believe it’s a print. Lovely
    place to study..

  9. I don’t redecorate per the seasons but I wish I did! I love Lena’s Notebook. Her artwork is just fab πŸ™‚ I also love Photowall and worked with them a few months ago – they have such a great range of prints and I love the one that you chose!

    1. I absolutely love bringing in the new seasons 😍 yes they’re all beauttt!

  10. Such a nice useful tips! I love that, it’s looking like a minimalist style thing. 🌻 I’ll try that soon😍

  11. Beautiful! I’m definitely planning to do some sprucing up when i have a few days off!

    Xx Maeve

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