PT Diaries: The Grind Never Stops.

So I know it’s been a while since I posted about the journey to becoming a PT, but it’s also been a while since I posted on my blog in general. Life has taken over! As I discussed in the most recent post ‘I’ve been busy…’ I have started working at a health club near where I live as a Fitness Instructor (this means doing gym inductions, teaching classes and being on the gym floor interacting with the members and maintaining the gym). I’ve had the question so much over the past few months of ‘So what’s next’ as I’m sure a lot of other graduates have had and coming from 4 years of professional dance training, I understand it was expected that I’d come out of dance school and fall straight into a dance job.

Whilst this has been the case for a few dancers and graduates, I’m so content with where my life is taking me at the moment. The job I have landed couldn’t have been more perfect for me if I’d have tried, I love being at work so much that I am there on my days off and just in general love being in the club. I am also very grateful for the support network I have there, whilst I am still in training to get my PT qualification so I can take on 1-1 clients, I am studying whilst on shift, sitting downstairs in the lounge studying and getting the most valuable and helpful advice from the PT’s that work there.

With regards to my studying, I am now over half way through my course and this is where things get more exciting but also the hard work gets harder. I personally felt the first few modules of my Level 3 PT course have been more like ‘more in depth recaps’ of the work I did in my Level 2, so now the studying has gone up a level with learning all the new information.

I have also opened up a waiting list for those of you that have expressed an interest in working with me as a client, both online and face to face. Click HERE to be added to the waiting list. It makes me so excited to be able to do this and even more excited that I’ve had interest before even qualifying!

This was a very short, quick update but with good reasoning…I have some studying to get back to!

As always thank you so much for reading, especially those of you that stick by me and my blog whilst life takes off in all different directions. The grind never stops!

Han xx

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