PT Diaries: First Update!

If you have read my previous PT Diaries blog post (Can find here) you’ll know I’m in the process of studying and training to become a Personal Trainer. Back on that original blog post you can find out what courses I am studying, who I am training with and how I started out. I wanted to write this post as a little update on how it’s going as there has been some major progress made since I last posted.

At the time of writing this post I have completed all my module work and the quizzes and questions to go with them and completed my case studies that go with my Level 2.

I sat my Anatomy and Physiology exam on Sunday 7th Feb (passed with 94%) and sat my Principles of Exercise, Health and Fitness exam on Sunday 21st Feb (passed with 92%). I am so happy that I passed these exams and despite the exams being over I will continue to refresh my knowledge and continue revising (sort of) as the information I have learnt in my Level 2 will flow nicely into my Level 3.

Now I have completed both my exams I am allowed to book my practical face-to-face assessment, HOWEVER the lockdown and pandemic means that obviously the gyms and centres are all shut, so I can’t yet book my assessment. [EDIT: It’s looking promising that the gyms will open around the 12th April, according to the governments plans to leave lockdown etc, so my practical will happen as soon as they open!]

Despite this being frustrating as (according to my dashboard on my learning portal) I am 96% complete with my Level 2, I can’t complete it 100% until I have done my face-to-face assessment.

In the meantime whilst I wait I will continue to revise, and prep for my assessment and OriGym have allowed me access to my Level 3 Personal Training qualification, to begin my studies for that too.

This is all becoming so real and even more exciting but I cannot wait till I can write the post that I have successfully completed my Level 2!

Watch this space…

(If you haven’t already, go back and read the first post on my PT Diaries to find out more information about my studies and training)

Thanks for reading,

Han xx


  1. I loved reading your PT update, well done on those results in your tests! x

    Lucy |

  2. Congratulations on some amazing exam results. Weโ€™d love to work with you sometime!

    Your friends at The Sporting Blog

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