October Life Update

So here’s to another month! Not a giant deal to update you on, but the end of this month was a highlight!

At the beginning of October after just a month of training at Addict, I had my first audition! As much as I was not expecting to get through the first round never mind get the job, I was impressed I’d even pushed myself to turn up, learn the routine and perform it. It gave me such an insight into the commercial industry auditions and how cut throat it can be.

I spent quite a lot of October just relaxing and spending what little free time I had just chilling (and recovering from tiresome training). Started attending bingo nights on Thursdays at the local student bar, honestly the most fun I’ve had in a while, everyone takes it so seriously to win a life size cardboard cut-out of a celebrity.

Having said that, in the second week (the last before I had a week off from training – half term) I suffered a fairly bad and very painful injury in my shin. I had landed a tilt jump (for those none dancers, like splits in the air but tilted to one side) extremely wrong and painful. Turns out I’d not only given myself shin splints (which are super painful in itself) but suffered a small stress fracture in my shin. So this meant I struggled to walk, could not jump, plié or dance at all.


During half term after a few days recovery, I felt up to a trip to Bicester Village. Now if you’ve never been or haven’t heard of this place, it is shopping HEAVEN! I have been a few times now, and have always grabbed some incredible deals on gorgeous items. My boyfriend and I were on a mission this time. I wanted UGGS. I have been after some for a while now, to just throw on when I want to quickly nip out or on a night when I am traipsing to Tesco in my joggers and hoodie, haha. The deal I got was near enough half price! I was so happy and couldn’t wait to get home and get wearing them.

After half term had ended it was back to the 8:30am-5pm grind of dance school again, but it wasn’t long till I got to go to my favourite event! Stay Sassy! My dad’s 50th birthday was near the end of October and unfortunately I couldn’t be at home with him to celebrate, but I spoke to him on the phone which was so lovely and warmed my heart to hear his voice!

Stay Sassy was the day after! This event makes me feel like I’m invincible and on top of the world! The energy, support and amount of powerful women that attend these events make me so happy and proud to be me! I’ll link my Instagram’s below for you to check out the photos and videos from that event! I’ve also written a blog post about them: Stay Sassy Event!

Find the video over on my Dance Instagram!

Find the photos over on my Instagram!

Unfortunately for such a nice chilled month, filled with some amazing memories, it came to an end with a few days of me feeling super anxious and just generally down in myself, there are a few things that caused it but just with my busy lifestyle and trying to keep up with dancing everyday, going to the gym about 4 times a week, working my part time job, doing my theory work for dance, I am finding it hard to find time to relax and take a bit of self care time, hopefully I’ll find some time in November to do so. For now I’m staying positive!

As always, Thanks for reading!

Han xx

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