November Life Update

It’s nearly Christmas!!! November brought the freezing cold weather along with it. November, it means it’s coming to the end of the year of 2018 and that has made me do a lot of reflection and has been very thought-provoking.

At the beginning of November, of course comes Bonfire Night!

I’d been looking forward to this as my Mum and sisters were coming to Leicester to stay the night and come to a bonfire with my best friend and myself. Since I’ve been living away from home now for about 15 months now, I’d not been one of those lucky students who got to come home at least once a month or even once every 2 months, as I am always working or don’t have the money to pay my train fare home, any time I get to see my family and friends from back up home I really cherish the time I spend with them.

Having my two sisters and mum come down to Leicester for the night was so lovely (and so cold!!), we went to Abbey Park’s annual bonfire and firework display. Despite not being there for long and the actual display being a lot shorter than I remember from the year before, I had such an amazing time just spending time with some of my family and best friend.

Another big thing that happened in November was myself and 2 of best friends went to see Jessie J at De Montfort Hall, Leicester. 3 words. I am inspired! She was so incredible not only in terms of talent, this woman has buckets and is so under-appreciated but she is also an amazing inspirational speaker. Loads of things she mentioned when performing and in-between songs were pulling on my heartstrings, things along the lines of ‘keep searching till you find your true self‘, ‘anyone who is anyone should be accepted by society’. One huge thing she made a deal about at the beginning of her show was that she couldn’t see anyone’s faces because they were too busy watching the show through their phones! (myself included, at times). She is such a powerful and inspirational woman with the things she says and does.

My training at Addict has hit hard over the past month, after suffering my shin injury I pushed hard when I got back, the tiredness was hard to contend with, alongside working nearly every night, rehearsals and routines started in preparation for our Showcase in January. I’m super looking forward to it as it’ll be my first show as an Addict Student, and I can’t wait to show how far I’ve come in just one term!


November was a funny one, I never really felt I’d got a lot of time, it kind of came and went super quickly and now December’s here, the Christmas countdown is on…. What have you asked for Christmas?

Thank you, as always, for reading, it means more than you’d know!

Han xx

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