New Year? A thread of questions…

A friend tagged me in a post on Instagram (original post here) of a thread of tweets from @werenotreallystrangers in which they give you questions to ask yourself before new year, I love this as I am all about and all for self-reflection and self-improvement etc so I thought why not make it into a blog post to look back on, so here goes…

P.s. I originally wanted to post this before NYE however I’ve been a little bit busy and also very ill & all over the place atm, it’s that time of year ay? So anyway…..

  1. What’s one small way you can become a better person in 2020? For others? For yourself? – Stop caring what others think; about me, about the things I’m doing, about my views etc, I’ve been trying to do this more towards the end of this year & have realised that if the person doesn’t mean much/anything to me then why should what they think bother me?
  2. What are you holding onto currently that’s no longer serving you? Why are you holding on? What’s one small step you can take towards releasing it? – Not so much something that’s no longer serving me but I am holding on to my safety nets; whether this be in dating, friendships, career, family etc. I am too settled within my current that I need to stop thinking I have a safety net for everything and take a leap.
  3. Set a goal for 2020 that excites you. Set a goal that scares you. – To Travel! This is both a goal that excites me and scares me, I’ve planned a lot of travel hopefully within this year which is quite a big deal for me, I just hope it actually works out, haha.
  4. What do you want to be a student of in 2020? – Yoga/Meditation/Mindfulness; I’ve always wanted to try it and I’ve attempted a few times at parts however not ever fully set my intentions on it therefore never felt like I succeeded, this year I aim to try harder and make it a habit of mine.
  5. Who in your life deserves the biggest thank you for this year? Let them know if you can. – I can’t possibly pick one or two or even three people but I can thank all my family and friends who have been there to support and love me when I’ve needed it the most this year.
  6. What can you thank yourself for this year? – Putting myself first, despite having to make some hard decisions and big changes I’ve put myself and my feelings/emotions/needs before anyone else’s, which has overall made me a lot happier and more set in finding out what I want etc.
  7. What have you outgrown this year? – Negativity, drama and bullshit, I have no time for it anymore, I purely CBA!
  8. What’s an important boundary you’d like to set for 2020? – To stop trying to hard 1) to please people 2) to get where I want to go (if it happens it happens if it doesn’t it wasn’t supposed to be) and 3) to stop saying YES to everything, it’s such a bad habit of mine thinking I can do everything I agree to and then wear myself out doing it.
  9. What’s a memory this past year that makes you smile just by thinking about? – It’s not just one memory but it’s spending my whole summer at home in Leeds with my family and friends – as I couldn’t really do that first year and second year of living away from home as I had jobs that meant I had to be in Leicester or somewhere other than home.

I’d love to know how you would answer these questions? Also if you do new year resolutions, what are they?

Thanks for reading and hope you all had a great ending to the last decade, lets smash the next one!

Han xx

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