My Stay Sassy Journey so far….

Where do I begin…. I’ve posted on here before about Stay Sassy, I wrote a blog post after my first ever event back in February 2018 which I’ll link here. If you’re a bit confused or want a refresher on what #StaySassy is I’d recommend you go read that first. It’s now October 2019 and I just attended my 10th event and my gosh was it one to remember.

On 13th October 2019 (my 10th Event) something special happened, something a few months, let alone years ago I would have never said yes to. I PERFORMED A SOLO! To a room full of 70+ sassy women who the majority of, I’d only met that day! These events are so much more than ‘feel good events’ of course they do make you feel good but that’s not all you feel.

I asked a few girls that have been to the events to say a few words on how it made them feel, here they are;

“Sassy gave me back myself when I felt lost, Gave me the confidence to be myself.”

“Sassy was a big step for me, with always wanting to dance and never having the opportunity to do so or never thinking I’m good enough. Sassy taught me that it wasn’t about perfection, it’s about feeling something. And the way I feel after an event is indescribable. To be surrounded by the most amazing women from all different backgrounds and levels is the most encouraging and inspiring thing. I’m so grateful for everything it’s given me”

“I owe Sassy everything, it has truly made me the person I am today”

Loved – Amazing – Happy – Inspired – Hope – Appreciated – Sassy – Sexy – Not Alone – Proud – Confident – Open – Accepted – Free – Weight-Lifted off shoulders – Strong – Powerful – Family.

I continue to go to every, if not as many of, the events as I can, because of this; Family.

It’s not just a group of strangers having a boogie in a hall together, it’s the bond we form regardless of how long we’ve known each other, everyone has each others backs, celebrates their successes and keeps lifting each other up when we’re down. Another thing that is incredible, is the amount of new women who turn up to the events, I’ve been to 10 of them and still there are people only just finding out about it now. I’m saying it now, Stay Sassy will take over the world.

My first event came at such a crucial time in my life, it couldn’t have been more perfect. I was in such a low place mentally and physically, I’d been through one hell of a breakup a few months earlier, decided to drop out of uni and have never felt more alone in my life and didn’t feel I belonged anywhere. I needed this and look where it’s brought me. This event came at such a perfect timing too. I have so much more than a belonging, I have a 2nd family.

You can watch the video of my solo here, I do highly recommend to swipe and watch the full thing as the ending just sums this blog post up perfectly. I post about every single event over on my Instagram so be sure to be following that if you’re wanting to keep up to date.

Here’s a list (mainly for me to keep track of) of my 10 events I attended over the years and don’t worry I’ll keep adding to it as this is by far no where near the end:

18th February 2018 – Karen Hardy Dance Studios, London.
‘This is Me’ – Greatest Showman


18th March 2018 – Move It Dance Convention, London.
‘Love Myself’ – Hailee Steinfeld


29th April 2018 – Karen Hardy Dance Studios, London.
‘Love Myself’ – Hailee Steinfeld


1st July 2018 – Old Finsbury Town Hall, Urdang, London.
‘Just Fine’ – Mary J Blige


2nd September 2018 – Old Finsbury Town Hall, Urdang, London.
‘I’m Every Woman’ – Whitney Houston



28th October 2018 – Old Finsbury Town Hall, Urdang, London.
‘Break Free’ – Ariana Grande



15th December 2018 – Motel Studios, London.
‘Jingle Bell Rock’ – Mean Girls (Christmas)


6th May 2019 – Karen Hardy Dance Studios, London.
‘Before I Let Go’ – Beyonce



8th September 2019 – Old Finsbury Town Hall, Urdang, London.
‘Good as Hell’ – Lizzo

2019-09-09 103409977044536592980..jpg2019-09-09 108649093289879032477..jpg

13th October 2019 – Old Finsbury Town Hall, Urdang, London.
‘Hey Sister, Soul Sister’ – Patti Labelle (SOLO)


screenshot_20191014-0024391070673737437785485.jpgscreenshot_20191014-0024126168659077945195752.jpg2019-10-14 126471431973038190789..jpg

If you’re still reading, I praise you! For anyone who’s considering attending these events, I cannot recommend it enough, I’m a walking example of what they can do for you! That one step out of your comfort zone, could be the step into your new life!

Thank you as always for reading and a HUGE thank you to Steph, Sue and the rest of the Stay Sassy Family,

Remember everyone is on their own journey, focus on your path and it’ll speed up your process.

Han xx

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