My Post Quarantine To-Do List

I found this idea when scrolling through a number of other bloggers websites, this idea came from a lovely girl called Ellie K which you can find her post here. I did have a few ideas to put into this anyway but seeing that others have made it into a blog post, I thought why not? And I’d also love to know what’s on your Post Quarantine To-Do List.

Without further ado…

  1. Go Home! As some of you may know I’m in lock down at the moment at my student flat in Leicester with my flatmate, now it has been fun but as soon as I am allowed to I’ll be heading home to see and spend time with my family and friends!
  2. Spend as much time outdoors as I can; involving walks, workouts, watching sunrise/sunsets. I’ll be visiting a lot of gardens/parks etc just to spend time outside. (And go for a Costa!)
  3. BBQ! I am in desperate need! After seeing so many people who are in lock down being able to have BBQ’s in their garden I am very jealous!
  4. Shoot Outdoor content. I’ve struggled and some how managed (currently) to keep up to date on my social medias with content I already had and some bits I am managing to get whilst in lock down. However as it’s spring and summer is fast approaching I want to get more outdoor and summery content.
  5. Big social gatherings; whether this just be everyone comes to my house or we all go out to a park or the beach or something and having a day of just spending together.
  6. Hair! I need a hair angel! As much as I’m not blonde or have a specific hairstyle to maintain, I am in desperate need of a little hair TLC. So I shall be paying my hairdresser a visit.
  7. Go to the gym! Before lock down started I had got into such a great gym routine/habit, now yes I’ve been doing a few home workouts and they’ve been fun but I have lost a lot of my strength and to be honest (never thought I’d say it!) I just want to be back in the gym!
  8. Go on a road trip with friends! We planned on going travelling this year so I guess that isn’t happening anymore but once this is over there is nothing stopping us getting on the road! Probably to the beach, in the car; windows wide open, music blaring, singing along to old tunes and enjoying the freedom.
  9. Get back in a dance studio! Don’t mind where, whether I’m taking class or not, just be back in the space I can feel most creative! Work on a few pieces I’ve been creating whilst in lock down.
  10. Not take anything for granted! And continue to be appreciative and grateful of every single thing, no matter how small because this time has taught me a lot about myself; thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. I want to continue learning and making time for all the things I am thankful for.

What are your to-do’s when we get out of lock down/quarantine?

Thank you for reading,

Hope everyone is staying safe.

Sending my love!

Han xx


  1. I need an eyebrow wax! I also look forward to going to the pub and shopping!

    Rachel ||

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  3. My post lockdown to-do list consists of going to the gym and eating out at as many places that I have screenshotted on my phone and didn’t go to before lockdown haha

    Francisca |

    1. I love this! Discovering some new places is always fun!

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