My Experience with ‘Dermalogica’ Product Samples…

Recently I haven’t been very happy with my skin and I admit that I’m very bad at looking after it, so I set myself a mission. My first step was to visit someone who knew what they were doing, so a quick google search showed a few ‘Skin specialists’ and ‘dermatologists’ not too far from me, offering skin consultations. I ended up visiting Millie’s in Leeds, which is actually a fine foods store which has a large in-store beauty salon upstairs. They offer a FREE Dermalogica Skin Mapping Face Analysis, which is what I went in for, just to learn more about my skin.

The woman who signed me in and took me for my analysis was so lovely and sweet, she could tell I didn’t know much about skin care, she asked about my skin and what I dislike about it or what it is I want help with. She then took out a large tray FULL of sample products, she picked out a few for me to try and gave me double of the ones she thought would be perfect for my skin.

I came away with all of these…

special cleansing geldaily microfoliantgentle cream exfoliantskin refining masquebarrier repairactive moist

So now it’s time for testing:

Special Cleansing Gel

So the woman told me that most of the samples last you a few uses (despite the size, a lot goes a long way), so I started using this in the morning to then use the rest at night.  It is a foaming gel and tells you to apply to damp skin (but a tip from Caroline Hirons, who I have recently started reading her blog posts) however I apply to dry skin. I also was unsure on using a foaming product as I’ve heard  you shouldn’t really but I went ahead and tried it, and I really liked it, leaving my skin silky smooth and super refreshed. It smells lovely too with a fresh cleanliness smell (always good!). So this one was a winner with me, whether I purchase the product is another question…

Daily Microfoliant (I had already used this once before the photo, excuse the cello-tape)

I was new to this type of exfoliant and didn’t really like it either if I’m honest, it’s a powder that you add to your wet hands and rub into your skin. I don’t know what specifically I didn’t like but it just felt like I was rubbing powder particles over my face and it not exactly doing anything (might have been doing it wrong as never used powder skin care products like this before) but unfortunately this one just didn’t agree with me.

Gentle Cream Exfoliant

I really liked this despite the mild stinging, you leave it on for 10-15 minutes and you can feel it working, drawing all the badness in your skin out. Some masques or exfoliants are quite liquidy and almost fall out of the bottle or packaging where as this was more like a paste which was easy to apply, my skin felt very matte and fresh afterwards. I would actually consider buying this one!

Skin Refining Masque

This one I LOVED,  it made my skin feel so clear and non-oily which was perfect for my ‘oily-combination’ skin type,  it stung a little which I wasn’t sure of but I was reassured that a few masques do sting when applied. Also it is a clay mask which I love as it actually feels like it sinks and digs out all the dirt from your skin instead of some peel off ones that feel like they just sit on top of your skin waiting to be peeled off.

Barrier Repair

This water-less moisturiser really interested me, and turns out I LOVE THIS, it is completely matte and as it is part of the ‘ultra-calming’ range, it does calm down your skin after a long cleansing and toning session. The one bad thing is it has a weird fishy smell which I just had to grin and bear it 🙁 But this is so good for making my skin look non-oily and prepared for the day ahead.

Active Moist

This product would be amazing for anyone with dry skin as it is super moist, wouldn’t recommend for oily skin as it sort of drags all the oil to the surface and just sits there 🙁 if at all my skin was really dry then hell yeah I’d use it, just not on a regular daily basis.

So overall, most products I really liked using however not ecstatic about them, the prices of the products slightly put me off buying as I wasn’t 100% into the products and feel like I could and have found similar if not better products. But it’s all personal preference isn’t it?

Let me know if you like or have tried any of these products mentioned 🙂

Han xx

**This post was not sponsored or paid-for, I got these samples free as anyone else would be able to**

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