My Daily Lock Down ‘Routine’.

As lock down/quarantine is starting to lift I have only just fallen in to a routine that I’d still like to try stick to. It’s given me a slight structure to my day. I have been on and off ‘plans’ and ‘routines’ and even ‘timetables’ in the past few weeks or just having a few tasks I want to complete in that day.

It’s taken me a while to form this routine as I’ve just been going with the flow of lock down. However naturally I’ve seen myself fall into a small routine and I thought I’d share things I’ve been doing to help that.

Have a set bedtime/wake-up time.

I am horrible at this as I can stay up till all hours of the morning and stay in bed till the afternoon, or I can be the complete opposite. I’ve been making sure I’m in bed and settled (tech: off!) by midnight and then I wake up before 9am most days.

Get freshened up.

Straight to the bathroom I go to brush teeth and wash face and in general freshen up for the day, this helps me wake up straight away.

Glass of Water and a Coffee/Tea to start the day.

I always have a glass of water at side of my bed and I make sure it’s full the night before. This means I can drink it in the morning before I make my Coffee/Tea for breakfast.

Make my bed.

This was actually one of my new years resolutions, because I am not one of those people who just do it. I have made it into a habit to ensure I don’t get back into bed haha. I also give my room a tidy round, any plates/cups that need taking to the kitchen, give my desk a bit of a clean.

Breakfast – my favourite!

Have a good solid breakfast, don’t rush this just to try get on to something else in your day, enjoy your first meal of the day, nourishing your body. I’m slightly addicted to peanut butter on toast with jam and banana!

Get Moving!

Monday-Friday I partake in an 8-week challenge called Shreddy. It’s a fitness app made by Grace Beverley (also made TALA, see my tala wardrobe here.). It creates you specific workouts to do on each day and I’ve really grown to love it. I also do Lottie Daisy’s Abs Blast Instagram Live on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Her energy and positive encouraging mentality and smiles get me through the burners.

1 Hour a day of reading.

I’ve gotten back into reading during lockdown and whizzed through some books on my ‘To-Read List‘ (I have to update it!). I’m making sure I do a minimum of 1 hour a day; whether this is during the day, as I wake up or before bed. I put my phone and laptop down and just lose myself in the book.

Listen to a podcast a day.

Another thing I’ve fallen back in love with is podcasts specifically ‘The Ins and Out’s’ by Kane Silver. If you are a performer or within the Performing Arts industry, you’d be stupid not to listen to this. All the guidance, advice and insight to the industry professionals at your disposal! I have quite a few podcasts I like so I might save them for another post…

They are just a few bits and bobs that I class as my ‘routine’. I’ve been doing a fair bit of list making and planning my days out. This has given me a kind of structure. Makes me ready to take on my to-do list for the day.

There’s also a few things I do weekly that aren’t on here because of it being a daily routine post. So how about I do a ‘week in lockdown’ post?

What things have you been getting up to during lockdown?

Hope you’re all well and staying safe. Thanks for reading, as always,

Han xx


  1. Nice one! We love the setting time aside to read. Reading has over the past couple of years become one of our favourite passtimes. Making the bed is so important- psychologically – it means you have cokpleted the first task of the day and are ready for a day of accomplishing meaningful tasks. Thanks also for the heads up re Podcasts. Us creatives can never have too many training tools xx

  2. This was such a useful routine to read! I definitely need to focus on my lockdown routine more, I’ve become so lazy this past week! I love listening to podcasts too, I think I’ll have to give them a go!
    Blog of Sunshine x

  3. Great post – love reading people’s routines! I’ve established a pretty solid routine during lockdown. I get up early, have breakfast, exercise, meditate, yoga all that good stuff. It sets me up for a really good day and I always feel so off if I don’t do my morning routine!

  4. I am very similar in the fact at the start especially, I was doing different routines but now I have fallen into one that works well for me and is very similar daily! I’ve also found my love for reading again during lockdown and got through some books I’ve had on my shelf for years, and I try and read for an hour a day like you said you do too ☺️ X

  5. I’ve been working really hard on going to bed and getting up at the same time each day too. It’s the motivating myself to start work that I struggle with! Great that you’ve read so many books. I’ve only got a few left in my ‘to read’ pile – such a great feeling isn’t it.

    Lots of love, Helen x

  6. Great post! I feel like I’ve got into such a good routine in lockdown, but now I want to fit in the hour reading time too, as it’s great to switch off and have time away from electronics xx

    Hannah |

  7. I love seeing other peoples daily routines. I’m back at work full time now after being on a rota for around 10 weeks and I’m struggling with getting the whole bedtime routine back on track!

    Lauren |

  8. this routine is great. I’m back at work on Monday and I’ve been finding it difficult to try and get back into my work routine. I’ll definitely have to fir in more reading time as I barely had anytime before!

  9. Your morning routine is so wholesome! Thanks for sharing

    Katie |

  10. I love that you make time for 1 hour of reading a day, I bet that’s the most favourite part of your day! x

    Lucy |

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