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After 3 years of writing blog posts I thought it was time to show you all the process I go through when publishing a post. Blog posts aren’t just ‘write a few paragraphs, add a few photos and click publish’ as some may think. They take time and planning. I hope this is an insight into the process and hopefully helps some of the ‘newbie’ bloggers out.

Idea Brainstorming

Some ideas just pop into my head others I have to pad out, the initial title or subject in which I was to talk about tends to be the easy part. Making it into a full blog post is where the process begins…

sticky notes on paper document beside pens and box
Photo by Felipe Furtado on Unsplash

Research & Planning

Not all blog posts need research to go into them (e.g. the personal ones or those that are fully based on my own opinion or thoughts) but the ones that require it are those that tend to take longer as it’s an extra step in the process.

Planning out the blog post can also be time consuming if you are new to writing. I really enjoy this stage as I can switch and swap sections and paragraphs all over until I have it correct. It’s almost like planning for an essay, but more fun!

Write it!

Once you’ve planned within an inch of your blog, get writing. It might come so naturally or it might be a struggle to get started but once you’re in the flow, I promise you, you won’t stop. I tend to write the whole post then go back and edit and rearrange things if I see necessary. I like to see an overview immediately after writing so then I know what I’ve got to work with.

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Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Title, Sign-Off and Structure.

Once I’ve written the post, I make sure I have a good title. Sums up the post and gives the reader and idea of what they will be reading without giving too much away. I generally like to keep my titles as short as I can so they’re more capturing but others do require a longer title.

My sign-off genuinely consists of rounding up the post, similar to a ‘conclusion’. Thanking the readers for their time, not all posts will be as quick to read as others so I am genuinely so grateful for those that read the whole post. Then my classic sign-off: ‘Han xx’

Structure then comes as I like to break up my posts a little bit with headings, lists, photos etc. So that the reader doesn’t feel like they’re reading an essay.


Here is where you can get even more creative if you want. You can get free licensed photos from websites such as Unsplash which is one I frequent often. Or if you want that more personal touch on a blog post you can do your own shoot which isn’t just grab the camera and click, you have to plan the images you want to ensure you get the ‘shots’ you want.

black DSLR camera near body of water
Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash

Most of my posts I’d say have my own photography, but there will be a few that have Unsplash photos. Mainly due to: lack of time to get photography, not having the right shots for the post or even just that I feel I can get better shots on their website than I can take.

Readability and SEO

WordPress thankfully help you with this (as I am still very new to SEO) as they have a plugin that hints at you what you need to do, I pretty much just follow that. Readability would be all of the previous I have mentioned to do with structure etc.

Bits and Bobs with Settings

This includes putting the post into a category that I have on my blog (i.e. Lifestyle, Fitness, Personal, University, Fashion etc), writing out all the tags for the post in which if people search that word they’ll find that post.

person using laptop computer beside aloe vera
Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

Creating a header/featured image for that post is part of this section although it is something that can take up a little bit of time too.

Get it scheduled!

I like to schedule my posts in advance so I’m not writing and editing one day and posting the next. It also helps me stay in a routine and habit with my blog so I don’t have to worry about consistency. I try to be at least 2 weeks in advance but I do let myself have some leniency when I want to shuffle the posts around.


Once the post has been published I then have the task of promoting it which can also be quite stressful and long. I make sure I have shared my post on all my social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. I then ensure I am interacting with those that are viewing my post and commenting on it.

This is roughly the process I go through with every blog post I write and publish, I have written well over 100 + blog posts now so the more you do the quicker you get at the process but it is still a long one. I wrote this to try and show awareness to those that aren’t bloggers of how much work goes into a post. It’s not as simple as write about a product and click go.

I also know I have a few ‘newbie’ bloggers reading my posts so I hope I’ve helped you all out a little bit but as always don’t hesitate to ask me anything!

As always and more than ever,

Thank you all for reading,

Han xx


  1. This gives none bloggers and new bloggers a better understanding of the process. Thanks for sharing it’s helped me understand where my process could improve x

    1. Yay! Love that!

  2. Karen says:

    Really helpful post! Given me great ideas to work in a more structured way for my next blog post! Thanks!

    1. Good I’m glad I could help!

  3. This is really helpful, thank you! I’m a bit of a newbie blogger myself and I really appreciate when those who’ve been in this area longer share tips to help make things easier for someone like myself. Thank you for sharing!

    1. No worries! Always here to help!

  4. I’ve found that having a schedule for my posts is so helpful because it means I can research the more difficult ones without stressing out about it.
    My writing process looks a lot like yours though 😂

    1. 100% and it also helps you relax knowing that you have new content on the site!

  5. I always find it so interesting seeing how other people blog. Research is such an underestimated part of blogging, I can often spend more time researching a post than writing the post itself!

    Jemima x

    1. Yes! I get side tracked into research sometimes and forget I’m writing a post haha!

  6. I loved your process when writing and posting a blog post Hannah! People don’t realise how much effort it takes to post a new blog post sometimes! x

    Lucy |

  7. Samantha says:

    This was super helpful! I’ve been blogging for about six months and find myself also using some of your tips too!

    1. Yay! Glad I could help!

  8. This was really interesting to read, it’s cool to see how far you’ve come in the last few years. We’ve been blogging for about 3 months now and still getting our heads around it all haha

  9. This was a good post. As a blogger myself it was nice hearing about your process. Mine is also quite similar but I need to look into SEOs.

    1. I am still learning everyday!

  10. I definitely need to get on top of scheduling my posts. This is a really helpful post!!

    Alice / Alice Runs Away

  11. This is a great post and really shows how much work goes in to each post. I really need to get better at writing catchy titles.

  12. I have a similar structure to you really but I usually do SEO as I go along instead of after. I’d also HIGHLY recommend checking out Keyword Research for Bloggers by The Navigatio on Twitter. Yoast is great but that combined with KWR will skyrocket everything! Unsplash is absolutely brilliant for stock photos. I hateeee taking photos so I rely on it a lot! This really does show how much work and time is involved in creating a single post!

  13. Thanks for sharing your blog post writing process! So much to learn from this post.

  14. My process is much like yours, although I start with a title and then write the post. I too am learning more about SEO, yoast is really helpful but I need to do more keyword research.

    When you break it down, you realise just how much work goes in to a single blog, it’s crazy really!

  15. I didn’t realise how much effort went into writing blog posts until I started blogging regularly a few months ago. My process is similar to yours – I love writing a post and coming back to it after a few days. Sometimes I’m amazed at how well it flows.

  16. Commented Thank you for sharing an amazing list through the post. I find myself very upset all the time before and this list can help me a lot. Thanks

  17. Stephanie says:

    This is basically how I write out all of my posts as well. I wish I was better with scheduling ahead of time, but I have to admit that a lot of it happens on the fly. I use the CoScheduler headline website to help me create SEO headlines that perform well mostly on Pinterest. That’s really my only difference here!

  18. Thanks for sharing your insights! It’s really neat to see how other people write a blog post. My personal favorite is editing the post(s) a few times as I love the editing process. x

  19. It’s really interesting seeing how other people structure their process, I think my planning process is a little different as when I think of the title I usually try and write down everything related to it thats in my brain so I don’t forget, and then I go back and make some sort of plan and structure to write it up properly!

  20. This is so similar to my blog posts writing routine! 😀 I absolutely love brainstorming ideas. Sometimes I just sit in my garden, with my notebook and my pen, and I just think of blog post ideas. After an hour I have so many future blog post ideas in front of me. It’s such a relaxing activity for me to do, lol.

    Yoast SEO is def my best buddy when it comes to optimizing my blog posts. However, I really want to learn so much more about SEO. It’s interesting and extremely crucial for bloggers like us. ❤ I also use Unsplash as a high-quality photos source. Nonetheles, recently I try to take my own photos because it makes me feel better when all the content on my website is mine. ❤

    I’m looking forward to your next blog post, this was definitely an interesting read. ❤

  21. This is a great and educational post! I usually spend most of my time trying to find the best stock photos for my posts. I also love editing and re-writing my text, it’s somehow therapeutic for me 😊

    🌿 Marissa Belle × 🌿

  22. Honestly wish I was this organised ha! I take photos first usually and then work around that. SEO is last on the list of jobs with me

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