Move It 2018!

Move It Dance Convention 2018!

16-18th March 2018, London Excel Convention Centre.

This weekend is one I’ve been looking forward to for an entire year since it ended in 2017. I feel so proud to be a dancer when at this event and for the foreseeable future afterwards. It reminds me why I dance, who I am and what my mission is. To be the best dancer I can be.Move It is an event that happens every year in London during March and is the biggest dance convention in the UK. It’s where you take classes, visit stalls, take seminars, meet your idols, watch performances. Everything that celebrates dance under one roof for 3 days, why wouldn’t you want to go?!

Last year I was lucky enough to perform at Move It with my college and also compete in their competition they have running alongside the event. This was one of my proudest moments as a performer and I will always cherish that.

This year I went (on Saturday and Sunday) with more of an aim to take classes and seminars and to further my experience and knowledge of the industry I wish to pursue a successful career in.

Saturday comes and so does the 5am early morning, our train being at 7am ready to arrive into London for 8:15am and to get to the event (At the London Excel Centre) for 9:30am-10am ish ready for the opening of the 2nd day of the event.

move it 2move it

My classes on the Saturday were as follows:

  • Musical Theatre Inspired by Aladdin (Urdang London).
  • Street Contemporary Fusion (Dani & Sia).
  • Move It PRO – EVOLVE: Life as a Professional Dancer (Seminar).

I loved being able to mix up my day with different styles of dance that I don’t practice everyday at University as well as a seminar in which I’d be face to face with some amazing influencers and performers, learning about their Life as a Professional Dancer.

My sessions on the Sunday were;

  • Commercial Fusion (LIPA).
  • Move It PRO – EMPOWER: Fuel Your Body.
  • Contemporary Ballet Technique (Chantry Dance Company)
  • Commercial Heels (Stay Sassy Steph – I’ve done a post about her events that she runs and the one I attended so if you want to check that out HERE.)

All the classes and seminars were so much fun, not one of them stood out more than the others (obviously Stay Sassy has a special place in my heart as always), all the teachers were so lovely to be taught by, the atmosphere was so professional and you felt part of a very talented army of performers. I felt at home. It’s such a huge event for any performer to go to and get their face and name known in the industry, there’s not many chances you’d get to meet all these people in one place at one time for a great event under one roof.

I learnt so much from those 2 days at Move It, I’ll be trialling a few things out (new diets, fitness habits, mindsets) so I’ll be sure to keep you posted… But in the mean time if you want to check out any of the videos or photos I managed to grab whilst there there’ll all HERE.


Hope you all enjoyed reading this, whether you’re a performer or not.

Han xx

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