‘Loving You’: Your Dream Job.

Week Eight: Your Dream Job.

This one could be a very straight forward answer for someone on a very planned out career path, however for me; there are so many options and I’m at a point in which I don’t want to close any doors on any opportunities that may be within my reach.

As most of you probably know I have spent nearly my entire life dancing, however it probably wasn’t until I was about 13 in which I decided I wanted a career in it. When I was younger I never really understood the concept or the idea of being able to be paid and dance as your ‘job’, and not just as a hobby (that’s also what a lot of people are still unclear on too).

Now there are so many jobs that you can actually do as a dancer which is why it’s not just a straight forward answer, and instead of pigeon holing myself to one style of dance, meaning only giving myself the chance to get minimal jobs, I compiled a list of dance jobs that I’d love to do if given the opportunity.

I actually wrote this list (*edited for this post) in another blog post back in November 2018 called ‘I don’t know what I want‘ so please take a chance to read that blog post too.

  • Tour with an Artist (Pop).
  • West End Show.
  • Music Videos.
  • Award Show Dancer e.g. BRIT Awards.
  • Showgirl/Burlesque.
  • Be a part of a Contemporary Company.
  • Cruise Ship Performer.
  • Dancer on a TV Show e.g. X Factor

As you can see I don’t have one dream job but I know I just want to accomplish the most I can do, create incredible memories and travel the world, all doing what I love best and being paid to do. Dance.

What is your dream job? How close are you to achieving it?

Han xx


  1. Dancing in the West End would be incredible! I’m always envious of those performing on the stage! x

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