‘Loving You’: Write a Letter to your Body

Week 7: Write a Letter to your Body.

P.s. Sorry this one is late, I got a bit behind in posting… Anyways…

Dear Body,

First of all, I want to apologise, for all the hate, abuse and shit I’ve put you through over the years, I’m surprised you’re still standing. Every single day of my life I forget to count myself as one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have a lot of health issues to deal with in regards to my body, so I apologise for the negativity and pain I’ve caused you through the years.

Through so many illnesses and injuries you’ve overcome and so much change that you’ve undertaken, I’m proud, I may not have the ‘best figure’, the nicest bum or biggest boobs but I consider myself to be quite physically fit and healthy and to say my body endures over 30 hours of intense exercise a week (that’s excluding the gym, extra classes and amount of hours i’m stood on my feet at work, and walking I do to and from town) I’d say that’s quite impressive.

I can say it hasn’t been the easiest of journeys to get to the point I’m at today, many unhealthy habits and relationships with food in the past have made me so much more appreciative of my love for food and gratefulness that it fuels my body to do such incredible things on a weekly basis.

I can’t yet say I’m completely in love with my body however I’m falling further and further every day, there will be some days I wish I did have a bigger bum or bigger boobs, or bigger lips, but then I remind myself that it’s all aesthetic and perfectly normal to want to remain natural.


Finally, I promise to continue to try improve my relationship with you and consistently provide you with the fuel you need to keep me going and remaining healthy for however long you can, I’ll always be proud of however much I achieve because of how far I’ve come already.

“Your dream body is the one you feel happiest and healthiest in, it’s not an aesthetic look, it’s a feeling.”

Lots of Love,

Han xx

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