‘Loving You’: Write a letter to your 40-year-old self.

Week Ten: ‘Write a letter to your 40-year-old self.’

Dear Hannah Kay,

As I am writing this you’re currently 21 years old, living in Leicester and getting ready to go back home (Leeds) for Christmas! You’ve been embracing some alone time during the lead up to a very busy few weeks and are insanely excited to go home and see all the family!

Firstly, I really hope you’re happy, truly happy, with your life, friends, family and work. I am excited to see so much change in yourself with regards to; opinions, aspirations, goals etc.

Here’s a mini prediction of where you are right now;

  • 40 years old, potentially married and hopefully have 2 kids and 2 dogs?
  • Have a beautiful home which is probably decorated entirely from HomeSense. Finally admitting to your Mum that you can never have a clean and tidy house with kids and dogs, haha sorry Mum.
  • Not entirely sure I see you living in the UK at 40… potentially somewhere across the the other side of the world.
  • Still obsessed with Dance, hopefully have had a successful career in the dance industry and are still submerged within it.
  • Potentially settling down into more of a family orientated lifestyle as apposed to working/travelling which is what I hope you’ve been doing the last 20 years.
  • I most of all hope you are happy, healthy and content with life.

I know this has slightly turned into a bucket list/check list rather than a letter, but it will be super interesting to see which parts I got right and wrong. Regardless of all of that, no matter what I do I still hope you’re drinking beyond your limits occasionally, that’s where the fun comes through.

We’ll See,

In 19 years…

Hannah Kay (21)