‘Loving You’: What do you think you’d be doing with your life right now if money didn’t matter?

Week Eleven: ‘What do you think you’d be doing with your life right now if money didn’t matter?’

Now when thinking about this question; I thought of it in two ways; as if money didn’t matter because I had endless amounts or if currency wasn’t a thing at all, nothing would cost anything. Both I’d come to realise would still give me the same outcome.

As of now I am a dance student, working part time to help fund my studies. Only one thing would change here as I would still be studying for my Dance Degree, however I probably wouldn’t be graduating with £40,000+ student debt at the end of it, I wouldn’t be working my part time job as I wouldn’t need to; this would therefore give me more time to do things that I really want to do e.g. travel, go home more often, see friends and family more.

I currently live in a two bed flat in city centre Leicester and pay for everything (with the tiniest help from my student loan, haha! And support from my family) such as rent, bills, food etc – so that would be a hell of a lot easier without the need for money. I would probably still live with someone as I feel I would find living away from home a lot harder if I lived solely alone.

After I graduate however, there would not be as much stress to find a job or set up my life etc – so 100% I’d go travelling which is one thing that probably would change during my time studying, I’d use majority of my time during my breaks – when I’m not seeing friends and family – got so many places now lined up in my head I wanna go that it’d be stupid to not do it when I can!

Other than that I’d still be enjoying Netflix, I’d definitely still be blogging and of course still dancing!

What would you be doing?

Thanks for reading,

Han xx


  1. If money didn’t matter I’d have a gorgeous house down in the Gower with a big garden for the dogs. We’d have a converted van and we’d travel Europe and America with the dogs. We’d enjoy everything that each place had to offer and once we finished we’d head to Australia, Japan, Switzerland and wherever else we wanted to visit before settling down at our home in the Gower and purchasing surrounding homes for our parents to retire at. That would be the absolute dream for me.

    1. Omg I absolutely love this! It’s so cute and I love the creativity of converting your van!

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