‘Loving You’: 10 Small things that make you happy.

And we continue….

Week Two: ’10 small things that make you happy.’

Now my purpose with this is to try not focus on the bigger things but to really try appreciate the smaller things in life that still make us happy.

  1. Dance; whether it’s a performance I’m in myself, a documentary on Netflix about it, watching videos online, seeing a piece of dance in a theatre. Just purely immersing myself within the dance world makes me feel at home.
  2. Seeing other people happy and being supportive to others; we could all make this world a happier and more positive place by simply being more supportive towards  others.
  3. When I plan an outfit in my head and it actually works out the way I wanted to, or better!! Autumn is my favourite time to try out new outfits/styles because I’m a huge fan of layering, or just autumnal colours.
  4. Organisation; when something is really well organised, or time managed. This could be something I’ve done or even other people, or an event I’ve been to.
  5. When my room is tidy, bed is made, washing is done, food is cooked and I can have a fully relaxing evening.
  6. Payday! I mean who isn’t happy on payday?!
  7. Seeing my family and friends and getting to spend time with those I don’t get to see or speak to regularly due to living away from home. The time I spend with them is made so much more special because of the distance.
  8. Cooking & Baking; I cook every night but I purposefully try to avoid being a typical ‘student’ meals of beans on toast or something else super basic and plain, I’ve (recently) tried to push myself more with my cooking, however I don’t get to bake very often so when I do, I love it!
  9. Having things to look forward to; whether it be a big event or even just a small ‘self-care’ night. Having certain things to look forward to really helps my happiness levels.
  10. Feeling confident. This doesn’t happen a lot and recently I’ve had some wobbles but I’ve also had some real highs over the past few weeks-months and those are the times that make me very happy and proud.

I think I could go on for a lot longer than 10 however that’s just a small insight.

What are your ten things? And did you write your younger self a letter after last week’s post? I’d love to know…

Thanks for reading,

Han xx

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  1. Love this! I also make it a point to find the good things happening in my life – the things that make me smile specially these days because it’s such a challenging year for everyone.


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