‘Loving You’: The biggest way you’ve changed in the last year.

Week Twelve: ‘The biggest way you’ve changed in the last year.’

Now, I didn’t know how really to answer this because I could ramble on about each aspect of my life and how much or little I have changed and why etc but I thought the majority of that is already on my blog and to be honest with you I don’t feel I have changed huge amounts, in comparison to past years.

The majority of my growth/change came in 2018 into the very beginnings of 2019 so I just feel like I’ve been continuing to push and strive even harder than ever, however I do feel within this next year a lot will happen.

I feel I’ve got an even bigger roller-coaster about to be ridden in terms of career goals and self-improvement so I’m more planning ahead in excitement of whats to come rather than looking back on the last year. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely am not the same person I was a year ago however the biggest change is yet to come so I don’t want to reveal where I’m at when I’m only 50% of the way there.

I also am trying not to set my own standards too high that they are unreachable however I am determined to push myself so much harder this year in hopes I accomplish so much more.

Here’s to a successful year!

Han xx

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