‘Loving You’: Define ‘Love’ in your life.

Week Fourteen: ‘Define ‘Love‘ in your life.’

It’s the last one and it’s a good one! I know I have taken forever to post this one, however I took the whole of February off from writing, posting, promoting anything to do with my blog, mainly due to my schedule being so busy and up in the air I didn’t know when I’d have the time.

But as well because of having such a manic January I find it hard getting back into a normal routine with everything element of my life when it hits Feb, but this year it threw me off more because of the car crash I was in the day before my birthday (end of Jan) so I had been sat out of dance with a fractured rib and wasn’t really organised enough in any area of my daily routines, But here I am now.

Not entirely back to 100% but well on my way to being, back dancing, back at the gym, back with my trusty daily planner ready to get sharing more content.

So here it is;

The definition of ‘Love is: ‘an intense feeling of deep affection‘ or ‘a great interest and pleasure in something’. So what do I love within my life?

I can go on and on about how much love and affection I have for my Family and Friends as they are my number 1’s in my life. I have tried and tried over the years to put it into words but there simply isn’t the vocabulary to describe my love for them all. They say the 5 people you surround yourself with ifs the type of person you’re setting yourself up to be, and in my opinion I’ve picked very wisely and can’t wait to see the person I’m becoming/will become.

Self love is a huge love/hate relationship I have with myself, I preach about self-love, positivity and healthy mindsets however I can’t lie and say I am that type of person 24/7, but I am very proud and do love myself, my mind and my body lets say 80% of the time and I’m happy enough with that so far.

Dance, as you should all know by now, another of my biggest loves in my life is my hobby and now career. Dance is something I struggle to put into words to explain my love for it, and recently I’ve felt it being torn away from me and felt that heartbreak like no other. Imagine if you were a photographer and could never take another photo, or a runner who had your ability to walk taken away. This has shown me my true level of love I have for Dance and because of this a new found motivation to go after what I want within my career.

These are in my opinion all quite big things I love within my life however there are so many small little things that I love and appreciate too however these are my favourite and also none of them are materialistic things and that’s something that makes me very happy because as long as keep loving these three things I’m sure to have a very happy life full of love.

What are some things you love in your life?

Thanks for reading, as always,

Han xx


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