‘Loving You’: 10 Things you’re thankful for.

Week Five: 10 Things you’re thankful for.

This one I thought would be super easy because I have so many amazing things in my life to be grateful/thankful for however after writing a few down I realised I’m thankful for so much more, because as humans we take so much for granted every single day without even realising it.

My list begins….

  1. My Family (of course!).
  2. My Friends (of course!).
  3. My ability to move/dance/walk etc.
  4. My general well-being and health. (the NHS)
  5. The creativity around the world and within different industries.
  6. My flat. My home.
  7. My rights. As a woman, to be able vote, go to work, take part in leisure activities, the right to an education etc.
  8. Social-Economic Class – I’m lucky with what I can get, appreciate what I have and work for what I want.
  9. My upbringing, how I was raised. I am proud of the person I have become due to the guidance from my family.
  10. Freedom (kind of links to no. 7) – of speech, to travel, to fall in love with whoever, to have an opinion, to act/react how you like etc.

What are your 10 things that you’re thankful for? Do you think about what you appreciate on a daily basis? I’m going to start thinking about what we take for granted every day and learn to appreciate the smaller things in a life which we might think are normal however others class as a luxury. Right now, as you read this, think of 3 things that we take for granted every day and just appreciate how lucky you are.

Thank you for reading as always, hope everyone is enjoying the 14 week series so far, 5/14 done, I’d love to hear more of your answers! Comment below, drop me a message, write a blog post in response?

Han xx

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