Looking after your skin?

On with today’s post… Over the last few months, I’ve been really trying to look after and take care of my skin! Especially now I’m at university I feel like my skin is starting to suffer due to rubbish diet, long nights and stress in general (I know the hard times haven’t begun yet) and I came across the amazing, incredible woman that is Caroline Hirons and her blog. Some, if not most of these tips I found from her and absolutely SWEAR by, so here we go:

1) Try not to touch your face throughout the day, regardless of whether you’ve washed your hands or not. Just stopping the unnecessary picking, swiping, scratching can make a huge difference.

2) Using foaming cleansers can damage your skin. Caroline says they need to use a surfactant to create the foaming effect, and that turns your skin to an alkaline which enables your skin to create so much more bacteria!! Which we definitely don’t need!

3) Face wipes are a no-go. They just smear the dirt around your face instead of actually taking it off like cleansers and washing your face properly would do. It may look like your makeup has come off and yes, most of it will but it’s the little bits that will clog up your pores and stop your skin from being truly clean and fresh.

4) Take a look at your diet. Now I’m not saying to eat salad and drink water everyday and your skin will be clear, but eating chocolate and crisps that could be replaced with a healthier option might just give you that extra push. Whilst also making you feel a little better on the inside too.

5) Double cleanse!!! Cleaning your face more than once should be a ‘norm‘ unless you have sat inside all day, makeup-less and sun cream-less. I always double cleanse, either with the same product twice, or switch it up and use 2 different cleansers.

So they were my tips, with a hell of a lot of help from Caroline Hirons, make sure to check out her incredible blog which is basically my go-to with all skincare Q’s and recommendations!

Remember, if you have any more tips that might help me out, please do let me know. I’m still learning! Thank you for reading!

Han xx


  1. Sometimes I’m so bad with picking my face & touching I really need to stop & also double cleansing sounds good to me!

    1. Iโ€™m also really bad at this! When concentrating! Itโ€™s the one I need to work on most xxx

  2. Loved these tips! I made the mistake of using face wipes and my skin got so much worse! xx

    1. Yeah! Same here xx

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