Living without Wifi?!?

Most of you know I moved house quite recently, it was such an exciting and emotional time. The house I moved from was basically my childhood home from a young age, where I made all my memories growing up so it was quite emotional leaving it all behind to move to a brand new house (still in the same village).

Now the moving process most definitely was not easy, and I nearly did a full post on our experience with a certain housing company that built our house, but it didn’t feel right targeting them for the problems we encountered. We moved in over a month ago now and the house is still not done, the foundations are there and the essentials are in (e.g all furniture) but it doesn’t quite feel like a full home yet – although my bedroom is sorted, for now ๐Ÿ˜‰ – moving AGAIN at the end of September to uni!

The one thing that I have struggled with and is VERY MUCH a first world millennial problem but I’m sure the majority of you will agree it is still a struggle, is living without wifi! Since we moved in we haven’t properly had any internet connection, we’ve got a device that we top up every so often to get some internet connection but it is getting extremely expensive at ยฃ30 for 30gb being used between 8 people (which all have about 2/3 devices each) it goes within 1ย week.

I’ve struggled with this so much and despite having 12gb of data on my phone a month, this doesn’t cover all my YouTube videos I watch daily (which now I have weeks of which to catch up on) and my Netflix obsessions I neeeeeed to watch. So my general rule of thumb when using my data on my phone has been: no videos. I feel so disconnected now from the internet, however it has been very nice at times. As soon as we get wifi (we have no idea when this will be either, it’s in the pipelines, as they say) I’ll be glued to my laptop catching up on weeks worth of daily vlogging videos, main channel videos, Netflix series’.

I’ve also written a post on what I’ve been doing instead of relying on the internet; e.g reading my books. So that should be up very soon if you are interested in what to do if you end up in this awful situation that I have encountered ๐Ÿ˜‰

So I do apologise if my content hasn’t been as polished and up to standard as it would normally be, I’ve been trying to keep up and on top of things but I have found myself slipping behind very quickly, I’m currently considering taking a week off just to focus on getting a load of posts written, edited and scheduled (sat round at my grandma’s so I have wifi) but hopefully I won’t need to do that.

Hope this post has been quite eye-opening and maybe made you think about how we take our crucial internet connection for granted on a day-to-day basis, but mostly I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this.

Han xx


  1. Oh yes, goes to show that one should appreciate what they have. So true.

    1. Definitely!! That’s what got me thinking xx

  2. I am moving very soon out of my childhood home and I feel very emotional about it! so I can relate on that matter but I totally understand where you are coming from with the youtube videos I binge watch every evening!

    1. Yeah, just remember – take the memories with you where ever you may move, the house is where the memories were made but the people and circumstances that you were in are the memories you need to keepโ˜บ๏ธโค๏ธ

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