I’ve been busy…

Wow, what a month. I haven’t published a blog post on here in over a month, the last post uploaded was the ‘It doesn’t feel real…‘ post and guess what, it still doesn’t. I find myself living in this post-graduation bubble in where I have barely any sense of routine, trying to be as social as I can to catch up with friends and family I haven’t seen or spoken to in a while and also settle back into living at home with my family.

I moved back home on 30th June but the weeks leading up to that were crazy enough in itself with trying to see my friends back in Leicester before I moved away and go visit the places I knew I’d miss, never mind being thrown into the deep end of living a ‘normal’ life after graduation. My foot went full throttle on the acceleration once I got home, I was very fortunate to land a job in a gym/health club near me as a Fitness Instructor and started working there on the 2nd of July so less than 48 hours after I’d moved home (can confirm I still have things to unpack), this meant I didn’t have much time to adjust to being back at home as I threw myself in at the deep end. I also work part time for the NHS at a Doctors surgery near me in which makes my total weekly working hours up to roughly 40 a week, jumped straight into full time work after leaving education.

Don’t get me wrong I am insanely grateful as I know how hard it is to land jobs coming out of university, but I also am allowing myself to feel and live how I want at the moment as I didn’t get that week or two or even month to adjust to a different life after university.

Since moving back home I have been working, seeing friends (socialising is a lot when you work full time, wow!), still studying for my Personal Trainer qualification and trying to unpack my 4 years worth of living in a house and flat into my bedroom at home, I also travelled back to Leicester for my graduation and celebratory events and have also travelled to both Manchester and Liverpool to continue my dance training with two different insanely talented companies. As I write this I have completed a 15-hour shift at the gym yesterday (Monday) and am about to head to the gym this afternoon for my shift; this week is a busy week (once again!) in which I am training dance wise on Wednesday & Thursday in Leeds as well as working at the gym Wednesday evening, I am working at the gym Friday morning as well as teaching my first kids dance class after a fair few years, I will then be travelling down to Lauren’s (Leicester flatmate, if you’re new here) to stay the night as we have 2 full days of dance training in London on Saturday and Sunday.

This I will admit is one of my more busier weeks that I’ve had in the past month however it doesn’t get much less chilled than that I’ll be honest, any spare time for me goes into my studying or trying to socialise with my friends. But here’s life after education for you, you step on the gas and rarely hit the breaks.

I’m very aware this has been a messy and long blog post, basically just giving you a run-down of what’s been going on behind the scenes and why I’ve been so quite on here, if you do want to see more of what I get up to daily be sure to follow my Instagram accounts (I’ll leave all 3 below) as I tend to share something on there at least everyday.

Thank you to those of you that keep returning to read my rambly blog posts, it genuinely means the world and also to those that keep coming on my site to read despite me not posting in a month..

All the love,

Han xx





  1. Rachel Duerden says:

    Congratulations finding work so quickly.

  2. Mind Beauty Simplicity says:

    thanks for the update and sharing your thoughts of post-grad life. you aren’t alone.

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