It doesn’t feel real…

So I’ve finished. I’ve completed my BA Hons Degree, in a global pandemic. As many of you might know I have been studying a degree in Dance Performance at Addict Dance Academy in Leicester for the past 3 years, and it has now come to an end, but because of the pandemic and restrictions, it doesn’t feel real. We have finished filming our graduation virtual show that airs in July but aside from that, no ball dresses, no cap & gown, no holding the scroll and getting our photo taken. YET. Our dance school has been very fortunate to be able to keep going in these uncertain times and the amount of training I’ve managed to get in my final year despite being in a pandemic, has been impressive. It’s now nearing the date of me moving out of my Leicester flat and leaving my student life behind, and I can’t help but feel emotional and reflective of both the past 3 years at Addict and also the past 4 years I’ve lived in Leicester.

I hope to be able to celebrate properly in the near future with all the graduation-y type bits and bobs, and I’m excited (but also obviously nervous) to be let loose into the ‘real’ world of being a performer and hustling to get those dream jobs I’ve wanted since I could walk and talk. 20 years of training to be a performer has all come down to this.

I didn’t know what this post would become as I just sat down and had a few thoughts of what I wanted to write but I do just want to document how much of a life-changer these past few years have been. Moving away from home and going through one hell of rollercoaster ride to get to where I am today, my god, I am PROUD. I’m not only proud of myself but also of my closest friends who have been on the ride with me, we’ve all been through some of the worst and best times together and it doesn’t feel like it should end here, and it won’t. The bonds you make at dance school (or university), feel so different to any bonds you make in school, college, clubs etc and I count my blessings everyday that I met and made friends with the most supportive and loving people. Endless amounts of love for you all.

Cheers to us!

The Graduating Year of 2021!

Who knows what the future will bring, but F*** me I’m excited!

Han xx

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  1. Rachel Duerden says:

    Good for you. πŸ˜€

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