Is being ‘Single’ all that bad?

No. That’s my answer to that question. Thanks for reading. If you want to figure out why that’s my answer, some things that I’ve learnt and realised from being single and a bit of advice from single friends, please read on.

I didn’t know how much of my ‘personal’ / ‘private’ life I was going to share online however I realised I can write posts like this without the need to share much at all. It’s more of a ‘what I’ve learnt’ and ‘advice’ style post but I hope you like it and hope it helps even just one person.

I’ve been ‘Single’ just under a year now and it’s the first time since I was 17 that I’ve been single for a while. I knew I didn’t want to jump straight into a relationship, I wanted to use this time to re-discover myself and live the ‘single’ life for little bit. I wrote a blog post on a break-up I went through during my first year at University called Shitty Heartbreaks and Happy Endings and I hope that it sheds a silver lining on break-ups.

Defining ‘Single’.

As a noun according to Google it means: an individual person or thing rather than part of a pair or a group. It does not mean: lonely, boring, unlovable etc.

Now when I say ‘single’, I put it in speech marks as I know now that I don’t feel single, I don’t feel alone, or incomplete etc so I don’t want the word to be my label or define who I am as a person. I also feel it comes with a lot of negativity and so does that saying when someone asks about your status, ‘No, I’m Single.’ Let’s get rid of that.

I’m going to list a few things I’ve personally learnt from my ‘single’ time (not that it’s coming to an end any time soon) and then I’ve asked a few of my friends to say a few words too. Remember you’re not alone and you’ve been single once before you just might not have realised it. (Didn’t exactly have a partner from birth to now did you?)

Things I’ve learnt from being ‘single’.

As much as you might feel it at times, especially when you’re being that ungodly third wheel, you’re not alone. That relationship may have ended but the ones with your friends and family hasn’t? They still love you no matter what. Remember that.

Following on from that, being single can give you more time and space to spend on your friends and family, especially if you might not have seen them a lot during that relationship.


It’s cool to date yourself! Go on a walk, go to a coffee shop, go for a meal, take yourself out just as you would your partner. It’s nice to treat yourself sometimes even if there’s no occasion such as ‘date night’.

I found being single and people saying ‘it’s the time to rediscover yourself‘ really is true. I know of a few people and myself included in this that lose themselves and their likes and dislikes in a relationship, you might not mean to, but coming out of it you have forgotten what you like because for so long it’s been what ‘we’ like.

So spend more time to get to know your likes/dislikes in life, from things to do, foods to eat, places to go, people to see etc. It can all be rediscovered and you may even find new things.

And lastly you’re allowed to use ‘those’ apps. No one’s opinion of you will change if you do and if it does they clearly aren’t worth your time. In this era there is a lot of stigma that comes with 1. being on the app, 2. using the app, 3. dating and finding a relationship from the apps. Let’s get rid of that as well. It is the new way to meet people and if you like that, go for it.

Advice from my ‘single’ friends:

“You may think that sometimes you aren’t worth it or when will I find someone I deserve? But in the end it all comes down to finally loving yourself and everything around you and that’s really all you need, and with that loving energy the right person will be drawn towards you.” – Nina

“Being single is your time to learn to love yourself. If you aren’t happy with yourself then you can’t be completely happy with someone else. Learn what makes you happy, and brings out the best in you and then never lose that side of you!” – Sophie

Thank you for taking your time to read this, whether your single or in a relationship I hope this has helped in any way. Save it as a reminder, send it to a friend in need or just take from it what resonates.

Wish you all the happiness,

Han xx


  1. Lovely post, Hannah! I especially agree with the “it’s okay to date yourself” point. So many of us forget to take care of ourselves and make ourselves happy by going after relationships and focusing on making others happy. Being single allows us to truly find and love ourselves.

  2. Great post Hannah. I have been eternally single and now I am blissfully happy and on the (re)countdown to our wedding.

    But I have nothing but fond memories of my single years. I don’t regret a moment of those almost 10 years, yes I dated and I enjoyed it, I met people that broke my heart but I learnt so much from that time.

    Enjoy your single life x x

  3. I agree that singlehood is not all bad. Itโ€™s a status that can be enjoyed.๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love your post. You shared your feelings and advice in a intriguing way.

  5. Being single is not bad at all Hannah, some people think that it’s the end of the world being single but it really isn’t! x

    Lucy |

  6. Great post. Today only I read that Pinterest quote. Being single is not that bad.

  7. Love this! One of my biggest regrets is actually not taking the time to be single for longer. When I was in my teens, I just jumped from boy to boy. Then I was with someone for around a year and a half and it absolutely ruined me. But I only allowed myself about 4 months of being single before I jumped into my next relationship, which was 4 years then a mere matter of weeks before my current relationship, which is pushing on for 6! I really wish I had at least a year of being single to really embrace what it’s like being alone and doing things alone and just enjoying your own company. Obviously you can physically do that whilst you’re in a relationship but you’re never alone, alone xxx

  8. Aww this is such a great post, I love this! I experienced a lot if singleness before meeting my current boyfriend and could have benefited greatly from this. It was hard for me to love being single when all I wanted was a nice guy to come along. I love your message!

  9. Such a beautiful piece. I agree, it really is a time to rediscover yourself. The more you love and understand yourself the more value you add into any relationship (friends, romantic or colleagues). Love the message, thank you for sharing.

    Tx. // Tajinder Kaur

  10. Natalie Barletta says:

    I love this post and itโ€™s so true. When youโ€™re single โ€” especially after being in a relationship for so long โ€” you get the chance to really figure out who you are and what you like and donโ€™t like. Being single always was the time when I used it to figure out who I was. Great post!

  11. Great post! As a married woman, I still remember and hold incredible value of my time alone, and appreciate the independence that I still have now. Inward loving is incredibly important, always. Thank you for sharing!

  12. This is such a good post, I was in a 3 year relationship a couple years ago so when that ended you can imagine the world seemed strange! I wasn’t upset about being single because it was my choice but I took that time to really learn stuff about myself!

  13. Being single can be such a rewarding experience. I took 4 years to heal from a decade-long relationship and it was so important to allow myself that time to recover and find myself again.

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