My 4 years of being in 1st year.

So the day has finally come, after three years at college (2 of which being 1st year) and now two long gruelling years of being a 1st year Uni student and Dance school student, I can finally say my 2nd year has arrived! I wrote a post at the beginning of summer called ‘University wasn’t for me..So I chose dance school!‘ and that kind of explains my University Vs Dance School drama. Having just moved in to my new flat in Leicester ready to take on my 2nd year at Dance school, I’m going to write about my numerous times of being a first year student. 

My long line of higher education began in first year college where I chose to study A-Levels, this however did not pan out how I expected; a mixture of no self-discipline, struggles in mental health, exams not being the right way of testing for me, so I restarted my 1st year in college, this time studying a BTEC. I went on to study BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Dance, as this was my 2nd time being a first year it was also my first time being in a year group where I wasn’t with my age category, I was a year older. Now this didn’t make a huge difference as I was still friends with the people I knew from my 1st year, however if anyone else has been in this position you do notice; not all the time but in certain conversations and in some comments people make, or questions they ask, you have a flash moment of remembering that there is that 1 year difference (in both education and maturity).

Now after this was when I started applying to university (whilst most of the other girls were applying for dance school). Once at university I didn’t feel a difference in age, I think that’s due to the fact we’re all moving away at same time and learning a new city all together, so it’s not like I’m joining a new ‘younger’ class, it’s like we’re all in it together. Once leaving university for Dance school, this is where I noticed the age gap more, now there’s only 2 (ish) years between myself and my class and there are a few other people in the school who aren’t within their year group too, this making me less freaked out. Despite the age gap, I know I’m where I belong now, training hard with all my new friends around me, striving for that long-lasting career in Dance and Performing Arts.

I will always remember two quotes that remind me of the fact I’m where I’m supposed to be;

“Your speed doesn’t matter, Forward is forward.”


“Sometimes on the way to a dream, you get lost and find a better one.”

These always remind me to keep going, no matter the time – if I’m determined and willing enough, I’ll accomplish anything I want.

See you in the stars,

Han xx

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  1. I think it’s great that you weren’t afraid to change when you knew it wasn’t right for you, even if there were changes. I knew a lot of people a couple of years older at uni and I really don’t think it matters anywhere near as much there. Good luck with your next year! x


  2. I admire your determination to stick with it! Hope second year goes well ❤

    The Quirky Queer

  3. Good luck for 2nd year! I totally understand the age gap, I was 20 went I went into my first year of uni and felt the age gap was huge even though it was only two years but you do so much maturing between 18 and 20! It doesn’t really matter too much as long as you are happy in the course!

    1. Yeah! Completely agree!

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