How I’ve been entertaining myself in Lockdown

This was going to be ‘What I’ve read in Lockdown’ post however I realised I’ve done a lot more than just that. I’m going to share everything I’ve been doing during Lockdown to keep myself entertained. I’ll hopefully not forget anything but I can pre-warn you now, there’s a lot! This was written before the announcement given about the changes coming on the 4th July.


This has become a nice hobby of mine, I’ve also seen a lot of people starting to read again. I wrote a ‘To Read List‘ on my blog back at the end of May and since then my reading motivation has definitely fluctuated. However I’ve been reading more than I ever have before. Look out for another ‘to-read’ list as I’ll be soon completing that list.

TV / Netflix / Disney+

Granted I haven’t watched loads of traditional TV (but who does nowadays?) But I have been loving my Netflix binges and Disney+ (Thanks Jem!) streaming sessions recently. I’m a huge Netflix fan and don’t think there’s many things I haven’t seen or at least heard of, I feel like I can scroll on Netflix just as much as I find myself scrolling on Instagram, haha.


I have and always have been a fan of YouTube content, personally I follow some people to have on in the background or that are easy watches and some people because they’re actual videos are so engaging and entertaining. Do you want a list of who I’m loving right now?

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Podcasts I’ve always had a love/hate relationship because I feel like I can’t do anything else when listening, almost like I have to lie there and pay full attention. But recently, I’ve found myself doing odd tasks such as sorting, tidying, cleaning, cooking even whilst listening to podcasts and found them really enjoyable as well as informative. Again, think I might do a full post on which podcasts I’ve been loving!

IGTV / Instagram Live

These have been an absolute saviour and I’ve also been using these to follow fitness workouts etc or just ease-dropping to a bit of a chit chat. The IGTV and Live features being used for such a variety of content throughout lockdown. I’ve been following Lottie Daisy’s Abs Attack (Mon,Weds and Sat!) My flatmate, friend and personal trainer Lauren Hollie has been posting IGTVs in which I’ve tried a new thing (Pilates!) I’ve also been dropping in to Caroline Hirons Insta Lives on every topic surrounding skincare and feel like I’ve completed a course in all-things-Caroline-Hirons, haha.

Content Creators and the entertainment industry have been producing so much more content during lockdown and pushing us through that ‘stay at home’ period. I applaud all of the content creators who are on an absolute grind to get everyone entertained constantly. You are doing amazing!

I’d love to hear how you all have been keeping entertained and what parts of the entertainment industry you’ve been latching on to.

Thanks for reading,

Han xx


  1. You know what, I don’t really watch IGTV or Instagram Lives. I think I’ll have to start because I see so many people raving about them! I can see Happy on your bookshelf, I read this in lockdown along with Quiet, they are such great self-help/care books!

    1. Yes! Definitely give them a go! I haven’t yet read it but I do love so much of Fearne’s content so I’m sure I’ll love it!

  2. I have been reading SO much during lockdown! I think I’ve read about 10 books since the start of April! I am starting to love IGTV and I have even made a few videos myself! x

    Lucy |

    1. Oh wow! I do need to get a move on with some of mine, I get into a good flow then finish a book and because I don’t carry on with another straight away I sometimes lose it. Oooo I’ll have to check those out!

  3. I recently started a Disney+ trial and watched so many Marvel films so I’ve been using that to keep me entertained! I’ve also been loving reading a lot at the moment!

    Tash –

    1. Love Marvel!

  4. I’ve been doing tons of reading and listening to more podcasts. And like you, digging around in Netflix for shows I’ve missed. I found Agents Of Shield and am binging!

  5. I feel like I have watched all of netflix at this point! I have been doing quite a bit of similar stuff and just moved into Youtube primarily.

  6. Youtube and book are my life-tile friends 😀
    I’ve been watching Supernatural recently! Thanks for the post, it’s great!

  7. I’ve been reading loads too and I only started listening to podcasts during lockdown. I’d love to read a post on some that you’d recommend.
    Netflix is a go to all the time for me – there’s so many great things on there and older stuff that you’ve seen loads which are great for putting on in the background when you’re busy doing something else. It’s sometimes like it’s keeping me company 🙂

  8. I use podcasts in the same way – if I’m doing housework, I generally have something going. Especially if it’s a mindless task like folding laundry or vacuuming. It’s a great way to dig into some of the valuable information that’s out there!

  9. Ieva || says:

    We definitely live in a great time to have a lockdown! I mean… Without all the social media and Netflix… Who knows where we’d be, haha.

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