How I went from University to Dance School!

After completing a year at ‘Addict Dance Academy’, I am now set on knowing where I want to be in my training. And it’s here. At Addict! Not university.

I started university in September 2017 at De Montfort University, studying a BA Hons in Dance. Now having received an unconditional offer I was super excited to start training, expecting it to be quite full on and physically intense. Now my previous sentence describes that of full time dance school and not university. I was thoroughly enjoying my ‘uni’ experience from freshers through to Christmas, and as January hit so did the doubt, in my head I’d got a perfect picture of how much I’d have improved and where I’d be in terms of dance technique and performance opportunities, and that picture hadn’t yet been seen.

The more I forced myself to class, the more I realised how little I wanted to be at university, it made me miserable going to class so I just didn’t. It was not intense enough, I felt not only had I not improved, I found myself wondering ‘had I got worse?’. I found myself more interested in spending more money on travelling to and taking part in classes, workshops and events outside of uni that I felt I was gaining much more benefits from. This made up my mind, I had to leave.

However, then comes the question of ‘what next?’ and as I knew I still wanted to dance, the option of getting a full time job was out of the window, I still wanted (and needing) full time intense dance training.

Luckily Addict Dance Academy is still based in Leicester so I didn’t have to relocate or worry about accommodation/housing as I’d already secured a house for what would have been my 2nd year at university. Myself and my best friend who also had a mutual feeling about the course we were currently on applied for the Undergraduate course they run at Addict, I knew a few students there already from back at home and I had already done my research and ‘stalking’ of the school and knew it’s where I belonged (yes, I know it’s cheesy, don’t judge).

We managed to get on the last audition intake of the year, luckily! Friday 18th May 2018 and we’d only applied not that long before, so we knew we were already risking it. The audition in my opinion was intensely scary but at the same time exactly what I needed, one giant push! I left feeling like I’d given my all and if it weren’t going to work out then it wasn’t meant to be.

5 Days and a trip to Amsterdam later…

WE GOT IN! THE BOTH OF US! I’m pretty sure I cried with happiness at some point in the ‘setting in’ process of me finding out and coming to the realisation of the fact that I was now a Full Time Student at Addict Dance Academy.

This is where the work began, I had all of summer to prepare my body and mind to set myself into the role of a student training to be a professional student.

When induction day came, the nerves came with and when the first day came, the realisation set in, I was pushed to my absolute limits but it was like a drug of some kind, I was addicted and couldn’t wait to see where this would lead me.

Back to the present, I’ve finished my first year at Addict Dance Academy, due to become a 2nd year student in September (which has taken ages for me to be able to say, feel like I’ve lived my life being a first year) and yes there has been ups and downs along this year and it has by far been the most difficult year in terms of physical and mental strength. Some people when they think ‘dance’, they assume; jog on the spot a little bit, stretch our legs a little, do a few kicks jumps and turns and throw ourselves around the room. Now that is pure dummies talk. If you are or know a dancer then you probably get as wound up by that thought as I do; as I’ve said numerous times this year, I would love to see an average member of the public to try to endure a SINGLE day at Addict Dance Academy. But this is my calling, I have found where I belong, although it beats the absolute crap out of my body every single day I train, I know this is it and it’s just part of my journey to entering into the career I’ve always dreamed of.

I already can’t wait to see what my 2nd year brings, let’s have ya!

See you in the stars!

Thanks for reading, as always.

Han xx

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